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How to Get Better Gift Ideas for Friends

Have you ever had such a hard time choosing a gift for your best of friends that you're sometimes whispering to them, "Hey, the receipt is in there in case you don't like it." And then as you leave the party you think to yourself, "What is this, 1988?! I can't believe I got them a Rubik's Cube." Gift giving should be meaningful, with a display of personality. A great gift rewards a friendship the way a friendship should last.

The Weekenders.

They're the friends who head out of town on weekend trips, who know where the hidden-jewel camping spots are, who dominate the best area hikes, and even when winter sweeps in they're out and about. If they're not wearing a Squall® jacket in their woodsy Instagram pics, we're going to bet they will.

The Renovators.

You can usually find them after a rainstorm, slipping and sliding around the yard, ladder at hand, fixing the roof. If you had time to help out you would, but instead you can help them by upgrading their footwear. Soggy sneakers out, Lands' End duck boots in. Once they're all finished with the roof, you'll see them strutting to the hardware store with upright confidence.

The Early Riser.

They're awake at the break of dawn. They haven't set an alarm in years. By the time you've hit the snooze button they've had a workout, finished the chores, and started a new hobby. Grab some flannel pajamas for them and they'll start breaking record setting comfort levels before 9 am. As a bonus gift, a quality turtleneck will keep them warm throughout the day.

The Zookeeper.

They have 3 dogs, 6 rabbits, 56 chickens, 2 horses, 6 pigs, 1 beautiful garden, and 6 children. It might be an exaggeration, but any time you see them they're wrapped up in a dozen tasks. They're the warmest, most welcoming friends who seem to have adapted to the wild domestic wonderland they've built for themselves. Since they're busy taking care of the world, a down vest and these fleece-lined gloves are a great gift that will suit them up for yardwork and the adventures indoors.

The Sports Fanatics.

They're always at the game, love the local sports bar, and they're the captain of the kickball team. This monogrammed fleece throw or even this cashmere scarf are ideal for staying warm during those games either at the tailgate, in the stadium, or with a game at home.

The Maker.

They're up early heading to work, fixing cars, building homes, woodworking, or brewing. They do it because good work is done right. When they get home all they want to do is sit back and relax. Get them some new fleece slippers. No more bare foot to cold floorboard in the evening. One of life's simple pleasures.

The Starlet.

The friend who announces that they just need some "me time" at the spa and seems to have changed the definition of R&R to rest & rosé. What better than a monogrammed robe to make home feel like a spa treatment? Make a matching set with these monogrammed towels and you won't feel guilty when she foots the bill after brunch.

The Honeymooners.

These are the friends who are enjoying life to its fullest. Find them heading to tropical paradise on a Tuesday. It seems like they work once a month. For her, try this cashmere sweater or twinset. It's a welcoming style as she settles in to this new chapter in her life. For him, go for gold with these cashmere-lined leather gloves. Call it a belated wedding gift.

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