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How to get your husband in a Christmas sweater

How to get your husband in a Christmas sweater

The holiday season has its fair share of chores—hanging up lights, baking Christmas cookies, finding that last-minute gift for the office secret Santa—but getting your husband into a men's Christmas sweater might be the toughest.

Women's Christmas sweaters, girls' Christmas sweaters, and boys' Christmas sweaters are marked by their bright festivity, but 3D pom-poms and cute patterns don't translate over to men's Christmas sweaters in quite the same way. That puts you in a tough place. You'd like your husband to wear something that calls the holiday season to mind, yet you don't want it to be so far out of his usual wardrobe that it makes him feel uncomfortable. How do you split the difference?

The truth is that there are many classic men's sweater styles that when featured in the right color or pattern can add a festive pop without going too bold or over the top.

Consider the quarter zip. It's long been one of the easiest types of sweater for any man to pull off, and can be worn with a button down shirt and a tie in place of a suit jacket. There's a good chance that your husband already has a few quarter zips in his wardrobe.

When offered in the right pattern, a quarter zip can report for Christmas sweater duty. For instance, think of a 100% combed cotton pullover patterned in a dark plaid or a traditional tartan.

Men's cashmere sweaters are another item that can bring a festive air to holiday occasions while remaining versatile enough to be worn all winter long. Cashmere Christmas sweaters may be soft and warm, but there's nothing "delicate" about them. A cashmere crewneck has an athletic look that can be traced back to the original crewneck sweaters designed for active wear. And if your husband is the type that refuses to wear a tie outside of working hours, let him know that a cashmere turtleneck can be paired with suit jackets and sport coats for dressy looks, no tie required.

Yet, there's still something about the holidays that demands pattern. If he typically sticks to solids, try to coax him into pattern-wearing lightly with a fine gauge cashmere sweater marked by thin, subtle stripes, or a Fair Isle sweater that he could pack along for your next ski trip.

You might just turn your husband into a Christmas sweater convert—without him even knowing.

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