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What to Wear with a Flannel: A Unisex Guide

What to Wear with a Flannel: A Unisex Guide

You know that flannel is soft, warm, and comfortable, but did you know you can wear it in all sorts of ways to create stylish outfits? Flannel shirts are well known as cold-weather staples, but they can also help you create chic, flattering, and stylish looks every day. Here are our top tips on what to wear with a flannel shirt.

Flannel Shirts with Denim

While it depends on the specific cut and style, lots of flannel shirts have a relaxed, casual vibe that make them the perfect partner for denim pants. There are plenty of options for different looks with denim, too. Some great looks for women's and plus size flannel shirts include:

  • Dark denim with a flannel shirt and ankle boots or flats for a dressier look.
  • Flannel shirts with mid-color to light denim washes and casual boots, canvas sneakers, or loafers for a more relaxed style.
  • Flannel shirts with colored denim jeans and casual shoes for a fun look.
  • Denim leggings or jeggings for a comfortable, chic look.

Dress-Casual Pants and Flannel Shirts

With their button-down style and collar, flannel shirts can also be worn for more polished looks, such as with dress casual pants like khakis, chinos, or twill pants. You can go classic with a neutral tan color, or get more creative with your look and try black or white dress-casual pants. You might also choose a color in the top’s pattern and wear a pair of slacks in a matching shade for a coordinated style.

Wear Them with Leggings

Worn untucked, flannel shirts pair beautifully with leggings for a comfortable look that you can wear for everything from errands to lounging around at home. You'll feel like you're wearing your favorite pair of flannel pajamas! You can’t go wrong with classic black leggings, but you can also jazz up flannel shirts with leggings in fun, bright colors that complement the hues in your shirt. Leggings work best with flannel tunic tops; if you want to add some definition and dress it up a bit, pair a belt with your tunic and leggings combo.

Pair Them with Skirts

Because they have such universal appeal, flannel shirts are also versatile enough to pair with a number of different skirt styles. A denim or tan mini, mid-length, or knee-length straight skirt looks great with a flannel top, especially if it’s tucked in. A knee-length straight skirt and a flannel shirt could even be work-appropriate, depending on your work dress code. For a more creative style, pair your favorite flannel with an ankle-length or maxi length flowy skirt and some boho-chic footwear. The contrast between the structure of the flannel and the flow of the skirt makes for a unique style, which is perfect if you want to change it up from everyday combos like flannel with jeans.

Style Flannel Shirts with Shorts

Yes, it’s true–you can even pull off flannel shirts worn with shorts. This look can work in transitional temperatures. Men's flannel shirts left untucked and worn with rolled-up sleeves look great with a casual shorts style. Ladies can also wear them with sleeves rolled up and tied at the waist for a fun, cute top over shorts.

Flannel Shirts Make Great Layering Pieces

Another way to incorporate flannel shirts into your wardrobe is to use them as key layering pieces. Here are some top layer suggestions and a few ideas on what to wear under a flannel.

  • Tees: Wear your favorite flannel over a crew-neck or v-neck-fitted T-shirt for a nice casual style.
  • Tank tops: Wear your flannel unbuttoned over a tank top in a complementary color for a cute look.
  • Lacey tank: Wear a tank top that has lace trim under your flannel shirt for a sweet, feminine vibe.
  • Crop top: For a more modern look, wear an unbuttoned flannel top over a crop top.
  • Cowl neck top or sweater: Put a flannel over a cowl neck top or sweater for a pretty, more polished way to wear it.
  • Thermal tops and henleys: A flannel over a thermal top or henley shirt is a way to wear your denim shirt in a rugged, stylish way.
  • Turtleneck tops: A flannel over a turtleneck top is classic that never goes out of style. Wear it buttoned up or unbuttoned.
  • Sweaters: Wear your flannel shirt buttoned up under a wool or cable knit sweater on the chilliest days. Keeping it untucked adds a bit of extra style and lets the flannel’s print add more flair to the outfit.
  • Fleece jacket: Throw a fleece jacket over your top for a cozy layered look.
  • Cardigans: Cardigans also work well when worn over flannel tops and have a classic look.
  • Blazers: Polish it up by tucking in your flannel and putting a casual blazer over it.
  • Denim jackets: A denim jacket worn over a flannel shirt and your choice of pants makes a fabulous outfit.

Ways to Wear Your Flannel Shirt

There are lots of pieces you can pair with your fave flannel, but there are also lots of different ways you can wear it. Since flannel works well when worn over or under lots of layering pieces, it’s easy to change up an outfit. Wearing a flannel shirt may feel like you're getting cozy in your flannel sheets, but they can look great, too. There are so many stylish ways you can incorporate flannel shirts into your wardrobe, it’s no wonder they never go out of style!

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