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Winter Bedding

How to make your bed warm and cozy for winter

Ah, how we love Wisconsin winters. Snow is in the air. On the ground. In your eyes. Somehow inside your winter boots. The wind feels like daggers against the tiniest exposed bit of skin. Your driveway keeps getting buried — and your mailbox obliterated — each time the plow thunders past. Your floors have transformed into something colder than ice.

There's no doubt about it: winter is our favorite time of year … to bar the doors, shutter the windows and bury ourselves in the warm, cozy confines of our winterized beds.

Don't have a winterized bed? Don't know what a "winterized" bed is? Well, you've come to the right place, 'cause we're about to tell you how to make a bed so cozy, it'll make winter actually almost bearable.

Start with a solid foundation.

And by that we mean your mattress. Comfort is a key component of feeling cozy, so if you're still using something with those old, squeaky springs, it's time for an upgrade. We're partial to memory foam mattresses: they self-adjust to your shape for optimal, pressure-point-relieving support. And unlike your spring-loaded configuration, they don't squeak or disturb your partner every time you roll over. (Tip: If you're not ready to spring for a new mattress entirely, a mattress pad or mattress topper can bring new life to your old bed.)

Get some flannel sheets.

Nothing beats all-cotton flannel in the wintertime. Unlike some bed sheets, flannel doesn't ice up in cold rooms. The napped surface makes it soft and inviting, regardless of the surrounding air's temperature. And the more substantial weight helps it trap warm air to keep you toasty. It's the coziest stuff we know, plain and simple.

Add a warm blanket.

There are dizzying amounts of choices out there, but for maximum warming power, we recommend fleece blankets. They're light and flexible but work like an insulating layer to trap heat, so they'll keep you warm without weighing you down.

Top it off with comfort.

If you want a bed that's seriously warm and lofty, you want a down comforter. Down is called "nature's best insulator" for a reason: almost no human-engineered fiber can match its warmth-to-weight ratio. That's what makes it such a great insulator when you're sleeping. It's warm and lofty, but not so heavy that it restricts movement. If you're feeling seasonal, you can toss on one of our Christmas comforters. Or you can opt for a plain style and get a flannel duvet cover to complement your sheets.

There, you see? Winterizing isn't so hard. Follow these steps, and you'll be on your way to your best hibernation yet.

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