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What to Pack for a Ski Trip

Ski Trip Packing List for the Perfect Getaway

If there's one type of vacation you don't want to be under-packed for, it's the ski trip. If you forget to bring a lightweight cotton sweater to your weekend in Bermuda, you'll be fine. But when your chosen activity involves standing on a mountain in the middle of winter, every layer counts. How do you know what to bring on a ski trip?

The best way to avoid such a fate is to make a list of travel clothes. You'll find ours below (it should still leave enough room for that fondue set you've resolved to make use of.) Here are our top things to pack for a ski trip.

Base Layer

We'll start at the base with long underwear. Fortunately, the long underwear of today isn't the thick, scratchy stuff of your grandparents' era. Modern long underwear is lightweight, flexible, and able to absorb moisture. You'll barely even feel it—but you will appreciate the extra warmth.

Sweater Layer

No ski trip list would be complete without a couple of sweaters. We like to make two piles while we pack: sweaters for the slopes and cozy sweaters for après ski. The former requires something that is warm yet quick-drying and able to be worn under a jacket. A good fleece tunic or quarter-zip will cover you on both accounts.

You can take some liberties with sweaters you plan to wear around the lodge. Think cozy and classic, like a roomy cardigan sweater or a fuzzy Fair Isle. But we'll admit to having a soft spot for cashmere. After all, there's nothing quite like slipping into a cashmere sweater after a long day of runs.

We like to bring along at least one crewneck cashmere sweater and one V-neck cashmere sweater. The crewneck is for popping over a tee, lying next to a lit fireplace, and cradling a mug of hot cocoa. The V-neck can be worn on top of a shirt for a more elevated look when we feel like going out on the town.

Top Coat

It's a given that you'll need outerwear, and we recommend taking the warmest winter coat in your closet. No matter what the forecasted temperature is, you'll be glad that you did.

Bringing a warm winter coat may be a no-brainer, but warm pajamas are too often overlooked. Trust us: when the sun goes down and temps hit their lowest, you'll be glad to have a set of flannel pajamas between yourself and the sheets. You'll come to appreciate its warming powers at the breakfast table, too.

Accessories Optional But Highly Suggested

What's one item that goes unpacked more than all the others? The bathing suit, of course. It makes sense that a swimsuit may be the last thing on your mind in ski season, but we have one word to make you reconsider: jacuzzi. Though the swimsuit isn't a requirement on the ski trip packing list, we highly encourage you to bring it along anyway.

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