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How to Pick the Best Plus-Sized Coat

How to Pick the Best Plus-Sized Coat

If you're reading this, the chances are high that you're in the market for a new winter coat or two. You may have just started your search, or maybe you've been at your wit's end looking for your outerwear soulmate. However, we have some great news for you. The plus-size winter coats here are pretty amazing, and we think you'll find what you're looking for here. First things first—let's ask some questions to help you before you browse through our winter coats.

What Fit Do You Want?

Do you feel more comfortable with a relaxed fit, or do you prefer a thin coat that shows off all your assets? Or, you may want an assortment of options to match your changing moods. Consider what you will be wearing underneath as well. If you plan on wearing some of our cute sweaters, then take care to select your coat's size based on the extra room you'll need to wear thick clothes comfortably without feeling like your sleeves are too tight.

Oh, and we also can make this process a no-brainer. Have you seen our TrueFit® tool? It appears on every product page and can match you with personal fit and size recommendations in just 60 seconds. By just answering a few questions about your size, age, and style, you can see which of our coats would be a good fit!

Where Will You Go and What Will You Do?

Your seasonal wardrobe should fully embrace your style, interests, and needs. A winter coat is especially important because you're going to have it with you all the time! Are you a relaxed and casual person on the weekend who needs a formal-looking coat for business travel and work? Do you partake in outdoor sports and need jackets that are weatherproof, rugged, and durable? Write down what you need and what functions your jackets need to fulfill. It may be possible that you'll want a few coats this season to cover all your bases.

Whatever you like to do, we have the best winter coats for the occasion. For example, our wool coats are stately pieces that make you instantly ready for a sophisticated day out in the town, while our rugged squall jackets are designed with off-road adventuring in mind.

How Cold Does It Get In Your Neck of the Woods?

The type of women's winter coats that you'll need in upstate New York is nothing like what people would wear in South Carolina. Depending on the average temperatures and type of storms your locale is accustomed to, you may be able to get by with a fleece jacket and a blazer. If your area is prone to negative temperatures on the regular and other extreme winter weather, then long down coats, parkas, and other insulated types of outerwear are going to be your best pals. Don't forget to grab some plus size sweaters to keep you toasty inside, too!

Hot tip: when you look at our jackets' product details, you'll see their unique temperature rating. Our coats have three ratings: warm, warmer, and warmest. You can also see what temperature range each jacket can stand up against (genius, right?).

Do You Crave Colors?

Sure, a black or gray coat is an easy match with any outfit and occasion. We're of the mind that everyone should have at least one neutral winter coat as an easy grab-and-go item. However, what about adding some flair to your winter ensemble? Selecting a bright and cheery color, such as rose, magenta, or aqua, can deliver that splash of color you desperately crave when all looks dreary outside.

If your personal style loves pops of color and you can't wait for spring and summer to break out of monochromes—stop wishing and start doing. You don't have to hold back anymore! We make it a piece of cake to find coats available in every color of the rainbow. Nearly all of our winter coats come in both basic and bold colors. So, is it time for you to grab a packable down coat in sun-washed orange? We think yes.

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