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How to Shape Your Body Using Plus Size Pants | Lands' End

How to shape your body using plus size pants

Individual style is less about popular fashion trends and more about personal expression. Not to mention dressing for all the roles that you play in your busy life – task master/stay at home project manager/adventurer extraordinaire – and even the role you hope to play some day soon (executive in charge of everything). The bottom line is whoever you are, whatever you do, everyone wants to look good in their clothes. So what does it mean to use clothes to shape your body? It's all about accentuating your best assets while diminishing the ones you're not so crazy about. Not sure what we mean? Read on for a few tips on how you can use plus size pants to give your body a more refined shape and start dressing like the person you were always meant to be.

Shaping a shorter torso:

If you have a shorter torso then chances are you also have longer legs. Work with what you have and dress in clothes that give the illusion of a long, continuous line from top to bottom. Why? Because to everyone else it'll appear like your torso is longer than it is. Boot-cut and straight leg pants and plus size jeans should be your go-to from now on. Not only will they help with creating those straight lines and flattering silhouettes that you crave but their slightly looser fit from hip to ankle will offer just enough volume on the bottom half – perfect for balancing out the top. Avoid anything too tight on top or bottom, including skinny jeans that could draw attention to a fuller upper body. Pair them with flowy tops with detailed necklines and interesting print patterns to draw attention away from the mid-section and you'll be walking taller before you know it – or at least that's what everyone else will see.

Shaping to create a defined waist:

The trick to creating a more defined, narrow waistline is diverting attention away from the fact that you're lacking one in the first place. Focus on drawing the eye to your waistline (or just go ahead and create one) with high-waisted pants that will add that definition you're looking for. Look for wide leg pants and jeans that taper from the thigh with a slight flare at the ankle, getting you that curve appeal you've been craving while also providing the slimming silhouette everyone is after. Avoid pairing your plus size wide leg pants with oversized tops or boxy sweaters that have no shape to offer. Instead look for shirts with details like princess seams or ruching at the waist that visually flattens the stomach and creates a more defined waistline. Try belting your tunic or long sweater at the smallest part of your waist when pairing it with bootcut jeans. Look at you!

Shaping to highlight your curves:

Bring those natural curves to the forefront in pants that are fitted without being tight. Skip the skinny jeans that hug your curves a little too much (they could make your hips look even fuller than they are) and stick with straight leg pants that hug and highlight your bottom half just enough while still giving you those long, lean lines you want. While you're at it, avoid capris or pants that stop above the ankle, thus making you appear short and choppy. Plus size pants with a bit of stretch are also a great option for curvier women, as are high-waisted pants and jeans with contoured waists that eliminate the risk of embarrassing back gap every time you sit down. Dressing proportionately for the top as well as the bottom is important when you're working with natural curves. Avoid wearing tops with too much flare like ruffles or peplum. Shirts like these are meant to create shape where it's missing, which isn't your thing. Stick with tops that help define your waist or add a layer to get it there – like a long, belted cardigan that can cinch in the middle to show off that classic hourglass physique.

Don't waste another minute unsatisfied with what you see in the mirror. Shop today to get the plus size pants made to shape your body and start dressing like the person you've always wanted the world to see!

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