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How to show your mom your love this Mother's Day

How to show your mom your love this Mother's Day.

Mother’s Day gifts are a great way to remind your mom she’s still your number one. It doesn’t have to be a heart-shaped tattoo on your bicep to get the thought across. Simple gifts, like flowers and candy, are a great start. Now, timing the delivery with the exact moment you’re on the phone with her is even better. But your gift doesn’t have to be that complicated to make an impact.

It’s a rare moment when you can show to your Mom how much you love her. Here are a few ideas:

Treat her to a spa day and a comfy new robe.

Listen, we’ve all given our Moms a hard time. Whether it was when we were throwing tantrums in the middle of a grocery store during peak hours, writing on the hardwood floor with a big black marker, or forgetting to change the oil in that dearly missed sedan.

We’ve made some goofs and the least we can do is treat mom to a spa day. Get her a monogrammed fleece robe with her initials on it and she can debut it at the spa like the proud mother she is. Even better, when she wears that fleece robe, her days off at home will feel like a relaxing day at the spa.

How can you give Mom a “you” day?

Busy, busy, busy. Lately, Mom’s feeling like she has to schedule you in advance. Sorry Mom, extra-long and crazy day at the office…I’m sorry, can we reschedule? She’s heard it before and you know what, you can gift her something that she always wants: time with you!

You may even live a few states over, so getting you and Mom in the same place for a full day is an event that’s become few and far between. Pack a canvas tote bag full of things you and Mom can do for a day and go do them! Nothing complicated. Head to the park with a tote bag full of picnic necessities. Deck of cards, backgammon, frisbee, big blanket for lounging…

Fill the tote with little gifts like movie theater snacks and a fleece blanket since she’s always freezing cold when you go to the movies. Little treats like this create one of those lovely, memorable days that you’ll hope to share soon enough.

Treat her to a tropical vacation - or add to a trip already planned.

Didn’t we say don’t get her something flashy? Well, either you can get her a vacation to the tropics or get her a companion piece for a tropical vacation that she already has planned. Mom and Dad heading to Baja for a sneak peak at retirement? How about getting Mom a suitcase or duffle bag with her initials monogrammed?

If there’s enough room in the suitcase you can try and fit inside. Actually no, don’t try that.

How do I make Mom a gift that’s heartfelt and sweet?

You know how she keeps all the art projects and letters you wrote her when you were a kid? She still loves that stuff. You just haven’t taken an art class in years.

Find yourself an apron or smock and get to painting your masterpiece. Your skills may not be where they were at the last time you picked up a brush, but that’s okay. You’re allowed to have an artistic renaissance and you ought to let your mom experience it too. Purchase a blank mug and a set of acrylic pants or paint markers is a great place to start. Wrap the mug in a monogrammed hand towel or napkins for a little extra surprise.

Ask her what she wants months before.

Bluntly asking Mom what she wants, then ordering it online only to have it shipped to her door as though it appeared from the heavens? Not exactly the most thoughtful gift. It’s nice to get her that women’s blouse she had her eye on, but you know what would make it even nicer? Wrap it yourself! Throw in a touching note. Add some personality to it. To her she’ll love the blouse because it’s comfortable, so when it’s from you she’ll wear it and think of you. Isn’t that sweet?

Even if you’re shipping it across the country, you can still find time to write her a note to follow up the gift you got her. After all, the best gifts are the ones that feel like they’re coming from the people you love. Shop Lands’ End for even more ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts.

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