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What to Do On a Snow Day Inside

Fun Things to Do On a Snow Day

It’s Raining, it’s Pouring, and Now the Whole Sky is Snowing

We know that classic nursery song about the old man waking up and bumping his head. We never really got into it. Did he hit his head hard? Was he okay? Did we really just let him go back to sleep? Where was the doctor in this rhyme?

It doesn’t matter, but these are things you might be thinking about as you’re trapped at home staring out the window as the rain or snow comes down, taking the glimmer from any productive plans you may have had. Here are a few ideas for fun things to do on a snowy day inside.

Become Vincent Van Snow

Wake up and channel your inner artist! Or at least give it a try. Throw on a smock to protect that impeccable flannel shirt you have on. Don’t have any paint to use? That’s fine. You can go “full method” and pretend to be an artist. Pace around the house blabbering in French. Every so often, jot down some notes in a leather notebook, nod, and say “Ah. Oui!” That’s really all there is to it.

Try Watching Something New ... to You

Flipping through what to watch on TV has become its own chore, so much so that you’d rather have a sink full of dishes to do. You’re already so cozy in that new cashmere sweater, all wrapped up in your blanket ... what can you watch that’s not just filler material? Flip on the movie you’ve been meaning to see for 10 years rather than watching Season 19 of that drawn-out procedural. We get it, lawyers work a lot.

Write a Letter

Most of our communication is immediate and too fast-paced to often get to the thought-provoking matters. There’s something nice about writing it all out. You get to sit down and let your true curiosities wander. Ruminate. Especially on a day like this, time spent on a letter is like going for a walk without having to get out there in all that bluster. Give your winter coat a day off. Look at that! A full paragraph already. Wow, it’s been a while. Chicken scratch is an understatement. This sort of looks like a ransom note. If it gets out of hand, don’t worry. Unless you’re writing a letter to your 9th grade English teacher nobody will judge you.

Cook a Cozy Meal

A cup of soup with oyster crackers sprinkled in. Grilled cheese. The ultimate tater-tot casserole. These are the simple things that bring back the same appreciation for these days that you had as a kid. Teach your little sous chefs still dressed in their cozy flannel pajamas a thing or two about family time around the kitchen. Don’t forget to enjoy these moments.

Call Your Mother!

She called us to let you know. She misses your voice and wants to make sure you’ve been wearing the snow boots she got for you. And to remind you she recommended fixing the snow blower MONTHS ago. You smile, hearing the incredibly loud sound of her slipper-clad feet pacing as she worries. The sound is pure music. Note to self: book tickets home.

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