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How to Style Your Plus Size Holiday Sweaters

How to Style Your Plus-Size Holiday Sweaters

It's the most wonderful time of the year! You know what that means: In addition to upping your hot cocoa intake, baking like you're a professional, and shopping with an intensity you didn't know was possible, it's time to break out your coziest clothes.

Among your collection of cold-weather attire, possibly the most important piece you own–the MVP, if you will–is the humble plus size sweater. It comforts, flatters, protects, and styles. Is there really anything more you could ask of quality holiday plus size sweaters when it's cold outside?

Pair With a Skirt

You might naturally reach for an equally warm bottom piece if you plan to wear a sweater. It makes sense, after all. It's cold out there, so you need a super thick fabric to keep your legs under wraps too, right? To some degree, yes–but there are ways to warm up your entire body without committing to that more traditional look.

An alternative that also happens to work well during the holiday season is the pencil skirt. Perfect for going from the office to dinner and drinks after hours, this look keeps your legs warm and allows you more flexible styling options. You can step into booties, pumps, or even a pair of women's winter boots that extend at least to mid-calf or slightly higher for a chic look. Finish this ensemble with your sweater of choice. Keep in mind that pencil skirts are sleek, so something with more fabric on top will provide some nice balance. A turtleneck works well, especially when you top it with a blazer or a chic V-neck sweater. If you're wearing a longer-length top, be sure to tuck it in, at least partially, to bring the focus more to the proportions of your outfit.

Wear With Leggings

Wearing a plus size sweater with leggings is a genius idea when you want to dress up a bit. Make this look work for you by thinking of the outfit as a study in balance. You don't have to pick the biggest and baggiest sweater you can find–that will only make you feel overwhelmed by fabric. Instead, look for something long and sleek, like a women's tunic sweater. These styles are cut to fall below the hips, which makes them a great partner for a pair of tighter bottoms. If you happen to live in your leggings year-round anyway, you can simply swap your usual lightweight tees and breezy tunics for a more substantial topper. Another plus? Leggings are, by nature, pretty casual, so wearing a sweater gives you a chance to dress them up a little bit. Look for luxe fabrics like chenille and cashmere and pretty colors like wine and purple to give new life to your look, perfect for anything from a holiday party to an impromptu pre-Christmas lunch with girlfriends.

Over a Flannel Shirt

A sweater–on top of a plus-size flannel shirt? You might think it's a little out of left field, but it's actually the smart choice when you need to warm up just a little bit but aren't quite cold enough to pull out your long down coat. This makes a sensible alternative for the season–usually those early days of winter just leading up to the chaos of the holiday season. It's a time when you're bound to be busy running errands with the family and shopping for your nearest and dearest. With all that time spent outside, it makes sense to come up with creative wardrobe combinations to keep you toasty as you run around town. This look is really all about layering. To maximize the potential, make sure to select two opposing patterns and colors to break up each piece. It works because only portions of the shirt peek out from underneath, while the sweater plays the starring role by locking in the heat produced by the shirt and adding a pop of intrigue to your outfit. It's an easy outfit to complete with a pair of comfortable, lived-in jeans and your favorite workhorse boots.

Top Off Wide-Leg Trousers

It's tough to resist the classic appeal of a reliable pair of wide-leg trousers. You just can't go wrong, from several standpoints. It's a flattering choice for the plus size figure because it contributes to a sleek, streamlined figure from top to bottom. It's also incredibly comfortable, making it an easy choice to wear throughout the holiday season. You can also make it work well with your sweater of choice. It's all about balance; a fitted, long-sleeve women's cardigan sweater that doesn't extend too far beyond the thigh is a great choice that helps both pieces stand out nicely.

Sweaters are easily the clothing MVP of the holiday season. Armed with these possibilities, you might find that sweater weather suddenly seems a whole lot more stylish. These ideas will elevate your winter style game!

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