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How to Style Cashmere Cardigans

How to Style Cashmere Cardigans

Who doesn't love a great cardigan? It's the type of garment that's so reliable, you can easily make it a key part of your wardrobe. No matter what you're wearing–jeans and a casual tee, a fitted sheath dress, a pair of shorts and a tank top–you can make the beloved cardi work for you at any time of the year. That's its greatest advantage, but if you're a shopping junkie, it can also be your greatest weakness, as you could buy a different cardigan for every outfit. But there's one style that fits nicely into any closet and adds significant cachet to every ensemble: a cashmere cardigan.

The luxury material is renowned for its beautifully soft texture, longevity and timelessness. While other styles may come and go, cashmere retains its relevance and has the power to make anything look more interesting and refined. That's the key difference between this material and just about everything else in your closet. If you're ready to embrace a warmer, richer and cozier look this season, keep these styling suggestions in mind.

For a Job Interview

It's a big day–the type that finds you nibbling on your nails, your mind racing a mile a minute and your stomach tightening at the very thought of facing a head honcho and talking at length about your professional prowess in the boardroom. But don't worry: You've got this. Part of what helps make it possible is dressing the part, and cashmere plays a huge role in projecting confidence and poise. You can make this work by slipping into a sleek jersey dress, topping it with a slim cashmere cardigan and finishing it all off with either low-profile pumps or ballet flats. More than just being professional, this look is also downright comfortable. It also may help you feel more like yourself, which is when your winning personality will shine the brightest. Remember that relaxation is key during major life moments like these; breathe through it and know that you're capable and dressed perfectly for the part.

For a Night Out

Aren't you fancy? You're headed out for some much-needed 'you' time, and it's the first opportunity that you've had in weeks to have some fun and get all dressed up for a change. It's well worth it to add a little touch of cashmere to this special event! It doesn't matter where you're going–dinner with your BFF, date night with someone special and parties with friends and family are all fair game where cashmere is concerned. The material is just that ubiquitous and easy to work into any setting. Get all dressed up by pairing a jewel-toned cashmere cardigan with a sleek pencil skirt and a pair of strappy heels. You can also try it over your favorite LBD, of course! Toss your hair into a loose chignon, put on your most glamorous earrings and enjoy every single minute of looking great and feeling phenomenal.

For Your Everyday Routine

Is wearing cashmere every day really a thing? It absolutely can be, especially if the garment in question is a reliable cardigan. It's the type of piece that truly fits seamlessly into any environment, even if we're talking about the grocery store and the coffee shop. You deserve to feel your best at all times, and the very addition of something soft and comforting that also happens to look amazing can work wonders as you go about the general chaos of your day. Pair your cardigan with skinny jeans, step into chunky sneakers and get moving on your daily agenda like the superstar go-getter that you are.

For the Workplace

You can likely make cashmere a core part of your corporate wardrobe, too. In fact, it's essential if you happen to work in an office where the air conditioner is set uncomfortably low during spring and summer. If you're the type who has a space heater under her desk even in the middle of June, then you're going to want a cashmere cardigan around when things get a little too brisk for your liking. Naturally, it's also the ultimate fall and winter companion, and you can easily pair it with anything from sleek sheath dresses to below-the-knee skirts for a look that's comfortable and professional all at once. It also looks great with tailored pants and pointy-toe flats or pumps. Yes, you can absolutely enjoy the best of both worlds, thanks to your trusty cashmere cardigan.