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How to Style Trendy Plus Size Sweaters with Jeans

How to Style Trendy Plus Size Sweaters with Jeans

In the annals of fashion history, people will look back on jeans and plus-size jumpers as one of the most comfortable and stylish pairings in existence. It's a fair assessment of a dynamic duo that looks just as great as it feels. You know how amazing it is to find the perfect pair of jeans and the softest sweater on the planet, so wearing them together is a natural progression.

It also doesn't hurt that it's such a versatile matchup. You can easily rock all kinds of trendy plus size sweaters with different jean styles to create new and fresh looks for any occasion. Whether you're going out with friends, meeting your significant other for date night, or enjoying dinner with the family, you can guarantee that there's a sweater-and-denim outfit for the occasion. Here are some tips to make the most of this classic look.

Go for Something Completely Classic

You can never go wrong in something that's so classic it would make Audrey Hepburn envious. Count on exuding similar luxe vibes when you pair straight-leg jeans in either black or a dark wash with a timeless black sweater. The type of sweater is, of course, entirely up to you, but stick with something that has less fabric to create a more even and balanced look. A refined cardigan that hits just below the waist is a great choice, as is a chic sleeveless cashmere sweater. Slip on a simple necklace, step into a pair of ballet flats or ankle boots, and you'll be the picture of polished perfection

Try a Tunic Sweater With Skinnies

As ever, balance is everything when you're pairing these two wardrobe superstars with one another. No matter your body type, creating a sense of proportion is a great way to show off your shape and ensure that you look and feel your very best in your jeans and sweater. There's almost no greater example of this than a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and an oversized tunic sweater. Bear in mind that "oversized" doesn't mean "huge"–you don't have to wear something with so much fabric that you simply end up hiding beneath it. You'll feel like you stepped off the runway when you slip into a pairing like this one. Bonus: tunic sweaters are available in dozens of colors, so you can really play with many different looks to suit any occasion.

Let Your Layer Love Show

If it's sweater season, it's a pretty sure bet that it's also time to break out the layers. One easy way to do that is to grab two sweaters–one that's lighter, like a plus size polo neck, and one that's more substantial, like a cable-knit cardigan. When it's especially cold outside, this type of pairing is sensible because it locks in more body heat, thereby keeping you nice and toasty when wind gusts pick up. If your cable knit sweater falls above your hips, make it a point to wear a pair of wide-leg jeans to bring out the different silhouettes more effectively. If you're wearing something longer on top, however, stick with a pair of curvy-fit or skinny jeans. A pair of classic suede booties are a great finishing touch for this look.

Add a Blazer to the Mix

In creative corporate environments, jeans aren't always off-limits. That could be useful during fall and winter when you're more likely to need something warmer than your usual trousers or skirts to stay comfortable throughout the day and during your trek home. One easy way to make jeans more palatable in the workplace is to begin with something very basic. Women's black jeans are a sensible choice because they mix and match well with other pieces and also because they're relatively neutral and pretty safe. Then opt for a light sweater on top, such as a comfortable cotton cardigan or cashmere pullover. The lighter construction is key because it serves as a formidable base layer for a structured blazer on top. The blazer plays a vital role in this ensemble because it helps pull it all together to convey a more professional and polished take for the office. A pair of heels or low-profile boots are a smart finishing touch that fits nicely with the rest of the look.

Break Up the Monotony

It's easy enough to define the jeans and the sweater. Each is a distinctive separate that serves its own unique purpose. To contribute to an even more relaxed and slightly less defined look, consider wearing something that completely contrasts with the rest of the ensemble underneath your sweater. A plus-size flannel shirt in a bright jewel tone, for example, pops beautifully when worn beneath a contrasting plus-size sweater–say a neutral or a dark color–and a pair of your favorite jeans.

Think of it as a lesson in experimentation. Despite the simplicity of jeans and cute plus size sweaters together, you can easily mix things up and express yourself in fresh and unexpected ways.

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