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How to Beat the Rainy Day Blues: Women's Jackets to Keep You Dry

How to Beat the Rainy Day Blues: Women's Jackets to Keep You Dry

Cloudy weather and dreary drizzle can dampen your day. But who says you have to stay cooped up when the rainy season comes? With the right women's outerwear, you can make a splash and still enjoy being outside.

What to Look for in a Women's Rain Jacket

Rain jackets have come a long way from the trash bag with a hole in it. Today's rain gear not only functions well but looks great, too. Select a rain jacket that can suit your needs and still keep a sense of style. When it comes to wet weather, you want to make sure you're protected first. Look for a women's raincoat that offers a high-quality water-proofing finish, not one that is "water-resistant." Water-resistant jackets work well in climates that have light sprinkles or foggy weather, but for downpours or consistent rain, waterproof is best. You also don't want to feel like you're wearing a sheet of plastic either (yuck!). Choose breathable, waterproof technology in a style you love to stay dry inside your raincoat.

For particularly rainy climates where downpours are constant, you may need a jacket that has waterproof zipper technology. These types of raincoats for women tend to have a sportier look, but they still offer a flattering fit while keeping you protected from the elements. The waterproof zippers add extra protection from any type of water or weather condition, from being at sea to dashing down the sidewalk in a storm, and still leave you cozy and dry underneath.

How to Still Look Cute in a Slicker

Have you ever put on a rain jacket and felt like you were swimming in fabric? We have, and there's nothing worse than needing rainwear you don't want to put on. Select a style that flatters you. Curvier women might love a high-waisted belt to accentuate their curves, while a rain jacket that cinches slightly at the waist, or not at all, will give a more linear silhouette.

Since raincoats can add bulk up top, one idea is to wear something with a slimmer fit below, such as skinny jeans or a fitted pair of slacks.

Layering Rain Wear for a Cozy Look and Feel

Layering under a rain jacket creates a slight challenge, since raincoats tend not to breathe quite as well as a typical piece of women's outerwear. Plus when it's rainy, it's also humid, causing your body to perspire more quickly. Combat this issue by pairing light layers underneath. A simple, basic t-shirt layered with a cozy women's cardigan makes for a touch of warmth underneath a raincoat without overheating.

Most rain jackets give you some protection at thigh level. Wear fitted pants or a below-the-knee pencil skirt with a rain jacket to avoid building up bulk around your legs. Of course, we all love a beautiful maxi dress or flowy skirt, but on rainy days, the extra fabric is more prone to collecting moisture and can keep you wet. Save the flowy look for those sunny days after the storm.

Goodbye Gloom

With the rainy season comes gloomy clouds and sunless days. The endless gray skies certainly can drain us day after day. But your wardrobe can put a spark of light back into the rainy season. Use punchy colors for a little pick-me-up when the weather wants you to frown. Bold-colored raincoats turn a dull, grey day into a fun afternoon splashing through puddles. Keep a pep in your step with bright rain boots for women in fun patterns that will have you dancing in the rain. You don't have to be dull to match a gray season. Instead, make a statement: have fun no matter what the sky is doing.

Accessorize Your Women's Outerwear

If there's one thing we truly can't get enough of, it's accessories. There's no better way to glam up a look than wrapping yourself in a cozy fashion scarf. Use playful colors to complement natural outerwear. A punchy pattern makes a bold statement when matched with a bright raincoat. A cute waterproof clutch or women's purse rounds out your look while keeping your necessities dry. Nothing says “a little rain never hurt” quite like a set of whimsical accessories to go along with your staple set of women's outerwear.

The rainy day blues can get even the brightest of spirits feeling down. It's the little things that make your day special, and your outfit can bring some sparkle back into a gloomy day. Select the right raincoat for the job and use flattering features, punchy colors, and accessories to bring a smile to your face.

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