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How to style skinny jeans if you're petite, tall or plus size

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans managed the impossible: they transitioned from a mere trend to a wardrobe staple that's still going strong. Many women think a flawless, model-like figure is required to wear them, but it simply isn't true. Anyone can rock this look – you just need the right pair, along with a great top and accessories.

Long and tall

Congratulations, tall women – skinny jeans are the perfect match for your long legs. If you try on some you love, but they seem a bit short, don't worry. A cropped pair will draw attention to your amazing footwear. Look for taller boots to wear with your skinnies though, as short booties can look out of proportion. You may also prefer a mid-rise jean, as high-rise cuts can overemphasize a long torso.

Create some shape

The right clothes can give a long, lean figure a little more oomph. Try a peplum top with those skinny jeans if you worry about looking like a beanpole (not that beanpoles aren't plenty sexy). You can also wear flats with skinny jeans without worrying that you appear squat or stumpy, so embrace the comfort factor. A blazer with a pinched waist also defines your middle.

A little illusion

Don't worry if your fairy godmother didn't bless you with the tall gene. The right skinny jeans with stretch can make you look like a leggy dame! Look for some with vertical details, like pinstripes or a bold seam that runs from the waist down to the ankle. Pair with them with high heels for an added boost and tuck in your shirt so you're not drowning in loose fabric.

Pretty and petite

If you're petite, try high-waisted skinny jeans in a dark wash, like deep blue or black. They create the appearance of a long, lean line, and can make you look taller when worn with a tucked in shirt. And don't think a blouse or a tee are the only things that you can tuck! Sweaters look extra cool after you slip the front section into your waistband. You may also wish to try cropped or ankle-length jeans, as they're often the perfect length for women who are on the shorter side.

Perfectly plus

Psst! The secret's out: you don't have to be skinny to carry off skinny jeans for women. Curvy gals should look for pairs with stretch that hugs their figure and brings out the best in a naturally voluptuous shape. If you want to look a little slimmer, stick to dark colors and avoid whiskers and distressing, which can make you seem bigger. And if you want some that look fashionably lived-in, try a pair with holes in the knees and nothing around the thighs. To conceal a tummy, add a long, flowing top and carry a large purse to create a sense of balance.

Double up

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to carry off the latest trends if you're plus-size, but there are so many creative ways to look chic in your skinny jeans. Toss on a jean jacket or chambray shirt for a cool double denim look and draw attention to your gorgeous smile by wearing a colorful scarf around your neck. A cool new bag or pair of sunglasses can also freshen up your style.

Liven things up

No matter your body type, there are times when you might feel as though you've been there, done that when it comes to women's skinny jeans. Add a pop of color to increase your ‘wow' factor – a bright red coat, neon sweater or metallic shoes will turn heads. Instead of wearing a casual tee, try a smart button-up shirt instead. A leather motorcycle jacket is like a shot of instant cool and a textured bag, whether it's suede or woven, adds that extra something.

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