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How to Style Your Plus-Size Winter Coats and Jackets This Fall

How to Style Your Plus-Size Winter Coats and Jackets This Fall

Sure, cold weather has the potential to produce its fair share of style conundrums. Your penchant for looking as fashionable as possible may be reduced to smithereens when you take a look at the forecast and determine that it's probably best to cover your body in the thickest coat humanly possible — and maybe even a scarf wrapped multiple times around your neck and half of your face.

Okay, that might be an exaggeration, especially when there are so many chic and eye-catching plus size winter coats available for the picking. Once you've filled your wardrobe with one or two of these fabulous finds, what's the next step to cold-weather sartorial success? Keep these ideas in mind.

Trust in the Staples

If you've never worn something as trusty and timeless as a trench coat, now is the time to acquaint yourself with this familiar staple. It's a key piece that's popular both for its endurance and its versatility. Better still, it makes a seamless transition from fall to winter and is especially suitable in environments where the weather tends to be brisk without being downright freezing and unbearable. And maybe even better? The inimitable trench coat is a dream to style! It's easy to wear in dozens of ways, whether you take your style inspo from the likes of Audrey Hepburn (understandable) or your mom (also understandable). The beauty of this lightweight piece is that it looks super cute on a brisk fall day with a stylish striped Breton top, a pair of plus size jeans and cute booties. When winter arrives, layer a tank top underneath, step into your favorite corduroy pants, and enjoy a look that's both warm and stylish.

Try a Wrap Coat

The wrap coat is another longtime favorite that earns serious credibility for its timeless and always reliable design. If you tend to favor cozy looks and wouldn't mind wearing a hoodie and sweats every single day of the year, you might consider the wrap coat a significantly more refined take on your favorite look. That's because it prioritizes your warmth and comfort but just so happens to look a little more polished than said loungewear. Women's wool coats look especially chic with a self-tie belt that helps define your figure and your curves beautifully. You can dress up virtually anything when your coat is as glamorously designed like this, whether it's a pair of leggings and sneakers or tailored trousers and a blouse.

Rock a Rain Jacket

You may never have considered the humble rain jacket as anything more than a necessity when it's pouring outside. But throughout fall, rain is sure to threaten your day on occasion. A great jacket designed to brave those conditions is practically essential. The difference between now and the coats of yesteryear is that today's varieties are considerably more fashionable. Never mind those shapeless and distinctly drab styles that are reminders of a bygone era. The new breed is designed to perform and to add a splash of fun style to your cold-weather ensembles. Look for bright colors that liven up even the dreariest of cloudy days, or opt for a leaner, more fitted silhouette if you love layering your jackets over items like leggings and mid-length dresses. A pair of heels or wedge boots make a great addition to the ensemble, allowing you to look all dressed up and beautifully put together, even when the weather dictates otherwise.

Wear Your Vest Like a Pro

Even if this is the first season you're wearing a plus size down vest, you can handle this transition to a newer and more refined approach to cold-weather style with the ease and grace of someone who's been doing it for years. First, consider that it's truly built with your seasonal needs in mind. Details like hyper-warming insulation lock in your body heat so that you feel comfortable even when brisk winds whip by you. Various lengths are available to accommodate your different stylistic needs. Maybe you love leaner lengths because you prefer to pair your toppers with leggings or skinny jeans. Or perhaps you prefer the look of a more standard length to wear with your corduroy pants and work boots.

You'll never go wrong in a stylish vest that addresses the desire to stay warm without sacrificing even a hint of your innate penchant for great style. Vests are, of course, perfect for layering — but you can show them off in all of their glory on days when it's just cool enough, but not so unbearable that you need a hefty coat. Make the most of this opportunity by wearing something contrasting and bold underneath a neutral vest. You'll feel a little more festive when the skies darken, and it's an easy way to give your fall and winter wardrobe an immediate boost.

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