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How to Take Monogramming to the Next Level

Monogramming isn’t reserved for just posh people and the likes of Louis Vuitton. Everyone deserves to have their initials monogrammed on something special. And although monogramming typically involves putting two or more initials (the first letter of the first, middle and last names) on a product, there are a lot more ways to express yourself these days. Practically anything can be monogrammed. Here are just some recommendations for gifts that take monogramming to the next level.

Monogrammed Slippers

Anyone who has a set of feet and has to bear chilly temperatures can use a pair of warm monogrammed slippers. They can be suede for a more polished “I’m not a slipper, I’m a shoe” look. They can be fleece for that “I care more about being comfy than fancy” look. Whatever type of slipper, monogramming gives it that extra touch.

A Monogrammed Robe

If you don’t know the pleasure of wrapping yourself in a plush, luxurious robe, you’re missing out. If you do know how great it is, why not share the love with a monogrammed robe as a gift this season. Monogrammed flannel robes be super comfortable, with fuzzy fleece on the inside and ultra-soft flannel on the outside. The details—like the shawl collar or the pockets—can give it a special touch, but monogramming it takes it to the next level.

Monogrammed Pajamas

Not just for Richie Rich, monogrammed pajamas can make you feel wealthy even if you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Let someone live in luxury, even if it’s just while they’re in bed. A personalized set of pajamas can make them feel rich and amazingly comfortable.

Monogrammed Towels

Everyone—and we mean everyone—needs towels. They might need underwear and socks, too, but the gift of monogrammed towels won’t raise any eyebrows like a pair of monogrammed undies might. You can make the gift of monogrammed towels extra special by gifting organic towels. Organic cotton and dyes can provide a more muted color than non-organic dyes do. Besides being organic, they should be made well, too. For example, if the terry loops are longer than the loops on traditional towels, they’ll provide more surface area that makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in a chenille robe. Adding personalization to the towels makes them an even more thoughtful gift.

Monogrammed Bath Mats and Shower Curtains

Obviously you want everything in your bathroom to look good together, so what good is a monogrammed towel set without a matching bathroom rug and a shower curtain? And, did you know you can have these monogrammed, too? They make great wedding and shower gifts as well, even if the couple didn’t ask for them.

A Monogrammed Bag or Purse

You can never have too many purses, wallets or tote bags. And you can never have one that’s “too unique.” Everyone wants something that’s different than what other people have, so what better way to do that than by adding their initials to it. Whether fancy Italian leather or a sturdy thick canvas material, monogrammed purses, bags and wallets make great gifts for any occasion.

A Monogrammed Lunch Tote

Anyone who works somewhere that has a shared refrigerator knows the struggle of digging through all the lunch bags, especially when most look the same. What better way to say, “Hands off my lunch,” than to have your initials displayed on it? Make it even more identifiable by choosing a lunch tote in a color other than black.

A Monogrammed Blanket

A throw blanket with someone’s initials is another great gift for weddings, anniversaries, wedding showers and baby showers. Just make sure it’s super comfortable so it’s worth having someone’s initials on it. Throw blankets come in all different types such as chenille, flannel, Sherpa fleece, cotton and more. You can even monogram a picnic blanket that rolls up so it can be conveniently toted around.

Even as a gift to yourself, a monogrammed product adds your own “brand” to your most prized treasures. Chances are that if you would enjoy receiving any of the above as a gift, so would the person you’re gifting it to. And it doesn’t have to only be initials that you monogram either. For example, symbols can be embroidered and printed on a product. So your gift can be as fancy as a traditional monogram with three initials or more laid-back with your favorite random silly emoji.

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