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How to Transition from Office Attire to After-Work Plans with Ease

From Work to Play: How to Transition From Office Attire to After-Work Plans With Ease

We've all got a lot going on. Maintaining a job and a personal life all in the same day can be quite a challenge. We're supposed to remember to brush our teeth twice daily, get eight hours of sleep every night, eat three meals a day, drink enough water, and everything else an adult should do. Having to worry about what to wear on top of it all? There's just not enough time in the day for it.

We're very aware that your day goes way beyond just your typical 9-to-5. There are dinners to be had and errands outside of work hours, and each of them most often won't really call for the same type of attire. That's why we put together this simple transitional guide to get from cubicle to cocktails effortlessly.

Happy Hour

There's nothing that puts a smile on our face more than seeing the clock hit 5 p.m. We all hear the saying, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere." But when it's that time where you are, it's the best feeling! Your day at work is officially over. No more filing papers or responding to emails. But you know what it is time for? Happy hour! You don't want to show up wearing the business attire you've spent the day in. Tunics make great transition pieces. You can wear it to work and after, but what's important is swapping out a pair of trousers for some jeans to give more casual vibes to your happy hour look. All that's left to do is enjoy that post-work bliss!

Date Night

You had a 5:00 p.m. meeting, and you're supposed to meet your date at 6:00 p.m.?! That just feels impossible. How will you find the time to change and get ready for a great first impression? We've got the answer for you: dresses. They're work-approved and date-ready all at the same time. Yes, we're suggesting you wear the exact same thing to your date. However, a few style swaps with your accessories will make all the difference. Rather than a blazer, go for a leather moto jacket. Swap those work flats you wear every single day for a sexy heel or bootie. Add a splash of blush and lipstick, let your hair down and you'll have your date's jaw dropping in no time.

Girls' Dinner

Getting together with your gal pals is so important for maintaining sanity. It's a chance to sit down, catch up, gossip and enjoy each other's company. Nights like these historically last well into the night, so comfort is key. Plus, if you and some of your friends are single and ready to mingle, you're going to want to make sure you're looking extra good in case someone catches your eye. Skinny jeans are a great transitional piece for nights like these. So long as your office allows for skinny jeans, we recommend wearing them all day and then just swapping out the type of shirt or shoes that you're wearing for something more casual at dinner time.

Running Errands

Sure, you try to get a lot of your to-do list done on the weekends. But let's be honest, there's still so much to be done during the workweek, too. Nobody wants to be out running errands in high heels and a stiff blazer. Instead, change into a pair of flats and throw on a comfortable coat or jacket while you get the kids from school, stop by the grocery store, etc. You can thank us later.


If you're like a lot of us who just can't seem to get out of bed early enough in the morning to get in a workout, then that just leaves after work hours to make it happen! These leggings will be the quickest way to transition into your exercise outfit. I mean if you think about it, you're already half-dressed for the occasion. Simply swap out work heels for sneakers and throw on your sports bra and tank top. Before you even get a chance to rethink exercising, you'll be dressed and ready to go, whether you plan to take Fido on a walk or find your Zen in a yoga class. We promise you'll be happy you decided to burn off those calories.

If you have the energy to do anything after work, don't waste it worrying about how to change in the bathroom stall before stepping into the outside world. Work-life-style balance is easy as wearing outfits that are versatile and adding special touches to help you make the most of your day.