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How to Transition Your Spring Wardrobe Into Summer

How to Transition Your Spring Wardrobe Into Summer

Summer is upon us, which means it’s time to start resituating your closet and getting your outfit rotation ready for the season ahead. From backyard BBQs to beach days to camping trips and hikes, summer means we have many fun outdoorsy activities to look forward to, so your wardrobes should reflect that.

Spring meant starting to soak up some sunshine while accepting the unpredictable weather as a sign of welcome change for many of us. And while the transition of our spring clothes to our summer clothes may not feel as drastic as the transition from winter to spring, it’s still a fun way to prepare for those activities that we only get to enjoy during the summer months.

Swimsuit Season

Summer is the season of swimwear. While some of us are lucky to have tropical vacations lined up in the colder months, those experiences only call for a week or so worth of swimsuits. Summer is when our swimsuits really become part of our rotations, from pool parties to lake days or beach days, or even hikes that take us to new creeks or swimming holes.

That’s why it’s important to start organizing your swimwear as you transition your spring wardrobe into summer. Start by pulling out your swimsuits and asking yourself a few questions. Are you still excited by the options you have? Do your swimsuits still fit comfortably? Do you have the suits you need for your upcoming summer plans? Do you think it’s time for a refresh?

If you’re going to bring a few new swimsuits into your wardrobe for this summer, make sure you’re opting for sun protective swimwear with UPF protection, since summer also happens to be sunburn season for many of us.

Long Days and Short Shorts

Another fun fact about transitioning your wardrobe from spring to summer is that it means it’s time to put away your light spring jeans. Full-length denim bottoms are definitely not what summer is all about. Instead, swap these out for women’s shorts in summer-ready materials that align with whatever activities you have lined up. It’s good to have shorts meant for hikes or camping while also having a few pairs on deck for summer picnics or lunch dates.

If shorts aren’t your thing, you can definitely opt for summery women’s cropped pants instead. Cotton capris or linen wide-leg cropped pants are perfect for those summer days when you want a little more coverage while still staying comfy all day long.

Dresses to the Front

While you might have started to rock some warm-weather dresses in spring, your summer dresses are ready for their moment in the spotlight (or, in this case, the sunshine). A breezy sleeveless maxi dresses, a bright gingham linen swing dress, and a cap sleeve twist front fit and flare dress in a summery pattern like beach umbrellas are just a few of the summer dresses you can bring into the rotation this season. From park picnics to backyard parties or even to summer work events, it’s essential to have some sundresses ready to go as you transition away from spring.

It’s also important to mention beach cover-ups here. For any of your summer swimsuit days, you should consider adding a beach cover-up to the mix. These can provide a layer of style, comfort, and added sun protection, which is key in the summer months.

Summer Nights

Longer days and shorter nights mean that summer is here. And while the nights may be shorter, they also tend to be much warmer. That’s why it’s so important to transition into your summer-ready sleepwear.

To avoid any uncomfortable nights spent tossing and turning in the heat, swap out any heavier women’s sleepwear you might have worn in spring for the lightest possible options, like a chambray short-sleeve PJ top and shorts set, a cotton tank and shorts combo, or a short, light cotton sleep dress.

Activewear for Your Active Days

Staying active in the summer can feel very different from active days in other seasons. Whether you’re all about indoor workouts or you, like to spend your summer weekends on the trail, keeping active in the summer can mean way more sweat.

When transitioning your spring wardrobe to summer, you should definitely consider how active you plan to be and make sure you have the right workout shorts and women’s summer shirts ready to go. Tops that are perfect for working out are moisture-wicking, breezy, light, and can be easily layered over your sports bra. The right summer activewear will also provide UPF protection, especially if you plan any outdoor activities like hikes or neighborhood jogs.

These are just a few tips for transitioning from your spring wardrobe into your summer essentials. With so many fun and summery activities to look forward to, your wardrobe should definitely reflect this excitement while providing the practicality you need to enjoy the season to the fullest.

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