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Christmas Sweaters - How To Wear At Work | Lands' End

How to wear your Christmas sweater to work.

It’s beginning to look a lot like productivity, everywhere you go. Last Friday the office wasn’t decorated and then on Monday it seems the elves had a busy weekend setting up all sorts of decorations (they have the office key?). You have a busy month ahead of you before you get to run out to the parking lot, hop in your “sleigh” and prance off to your much needed holiday vacation. In the lead-up to that you get to add some egg nog to your coffee, listen to Christmas songs, and with some downtime, plan the holidays down to a T. What better way than inside the comfort and warmth of a Lands’ End cute Christmas sweater.

Dropping the kids off at school.

Quick, get in the car! The kids are right behind you and they’re shuffling out in their festive sweaters. Those little penguins are so excited that it’s finally Friday (and so are you). It’s the last couple weeks before school breaks for the holidays and you want to make sure that they’re cozy in those classrooms.

To the meeting.

Wahoo, another meeting! You’ve been rocking around in your turtleneck sweater today and as you look around the table you’re noticing other people are beginning to catch on: lots of red, blue and green peeking out under those blazers. If you’re dialing in for a phone conference you can have a preliminary chat and ask what holiday sweaters everybody else is wearing.

That important lunch.

Your performance review is a lunch meeting and your holiday bonus is in the midst. You have butterflies in your stomach and you’re wondering whether to get the sandwich, definitely not the sloppy joe (for bonus Mom points, you make a mental note that tomorrow night will be sloppy joe night), and there’s the salad option, but the idea of a stray lettuce leaf stuck in your smile is turning you away. Okay, it’s all good. Sensible sandwich it is. Sip your seltzer water until the nerves go away, and realize that you’ve been doing a fantastic job. Besides, your first impression will shine from that stunning new Christmas sweater with the whimsical print, smartly paired with your high rise jeans. You don’t have a thing to worry about.

Post-work happy hour.

The day went well, the kids are off to their friends’ houses for slumber parties, so you meet up with a few coworkers afterwards to talk about the day, the holidays, and what to leave out for Santa. You also all happen to all be wearing Christmas sweaters. Is that a coincidence or a good opportunity to put together a last-minute Christmas sweater party? A little bit of both. You realize that it’s been a really great year for you and you’re truly grateful for all the goodness in your life.

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