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Weekend Getaway Bag

I need a great weekend getaway bag. What should I look for?

All you want is to be whisked away on a well-planned, yet spontaneous…laid back, yet stylish weekend getaway. Is that really too much to ask? No, no it is not. I could bore you with the same ole, same ole about how getting there is half the fun, but we all know the truth. Now, what to pack? The key to convincing your travel partner you can be ready in an instant is to NOT over pack. How do you resist? Stick to ONE suitcase. If you’re on the hunt for a great weekend getaway bag, consider this your quick guide. Let’s get you gone.

When the travel gets tough, the tough gets canvas.

Travel can be filled with surprises. Keeping that in mind, you need to make durability priority one as you consider weekender bags. After all, the goal is to buy one weekender duffle and take it on a ton of short trips. We can’t settle for low-quality duffles that leave you shopping for a new bag every time you want to pack up. As you weigh the pros and cons of potential weekend bags, pay close attention to the material used. If possible, purchase a sturdy canvas bag. You’ll never regret it. Canvas is arguably the best type of baggage to carry. Its durability simply can’t be beat.

How much can the duffle haul? 50 pounds? 200 pounds?

Have you thought about what you will be packing? As you do, remember to think long term. What you are packing for this weekend is important, but think about all those upcoming trips, too. Read the reviews. Check to see if the bag has been tested to hold a certain amount of weight. Be confident of the durability you’re getting. After all, no one wants a broken shoulder strap to ruin the surprise as they try to sneak a Saint Bernard puppy home after a weekend away. The Lands’ End Weekender Duffle is tested to carry a full 200 pounds of cargo. You may not want to shoulder that load, but it’s good to know the bag can take it.

Zip. Zip. Hooray. Zipper strength is super important.

An absolute weekend bag must-have: strong zippers. Your weekend suitcase absolutely must have zippers that do their job. Look for zippers that are double stitched into the duffle. Double-toggle pull zippers work best when it comes to finding your flip flops. It allows you to open the bag just enough, without all the contents falling out. Those zippers may be the silver lining that makes the trip a bit more manageable. The details may seem insignificant as you shop. However, over time these will be the features you refer to when someone asks you why you love your Lands’ End canvas tote, weekend bag or canvas backpack.

How will your weekender bag fit into the rest of your year?

For about a million and one reasons, your weekender duffle needs to pull double (or triple) duty. You may be purchasing a weekender duffle with this weekend’s mission in mind, but rest assured over the years your weekend bag will accompany you…well, just about everywhere. As you pit one weekender against another to see which will do the job you’re hiring for, take a gander at the outside. Does your weekender have a trolley sleeve? It very well should. On longer trips, you will be using your weekender as your carry-on. Even if you check it, a weekender duffle with a built-in trolley sleeve to keep it securely attached to your other luggage makes travel one step simpler.

Bottoms up! Make sure the bottom of your duffle is extra strong.

Although it is far too often overlooked, the bottom of the bag is one of the most important features to examine prior to purchasing a weekender duffle. Think of the bottom as the foundation of the bag itself. It will determine how your bag hangs as you carry it, the shape your bags takes on and ultimately how packable your bag actually is. As a general rule of thumb, your weekender should be structured so that it can easily accommodate your shoe selection for the trip. You’ll also want to verify that the bottom of the bag has been finished in a way that will prevent the items inside from getting damp. Without even realizing it, you will inevitably set this bag down in some pretty yucky places (think of your curbside to lakeside route). A wax coated finish on the bottom of your weekender duffle not only saves your packed items, it also makes cleaning your weekender bag a total snap. After all, no one wants to spend their weekend getaway scrubbing.

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