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Jeans That Aren’t Mom Jeans

Jeans for Mom that aren’t mom jeans.

Don’t worry – you can still look good in denim! And there’s no need to resign yourself to mom jeans, either. You know the ones: they have a tapered cut that makes your hips look huge, a mile-long zipper and a light blue color that doesn’t go with anything. Toss them in the donate pile and experiment with different cuts and styles to find a pair that makes you feel like yourself before the kids came along.

The amazing boot cut pair

Pear-shaped women have a smaller upper body, ample hips and a full derriere. If this sounds like you, try a pair of cool boot cut jeans in a slimming dark wash. They’ll balance out your voluptuous shape, but make sure they have a little stretch to hug your curves. You can also rock skinnies with a high waist, which will emphasize your lovely midsection while preventing gapping.

The ones with a high waist and cool details

The right pair of women's jeans can make a petite body seem taller. A high waist cut worn with a tucked-in shirt creates the appearance of a long line that runs from your ankles to your midsection, which has an elongating effect. Jeans with vertical details, like bold seams running down the middle or pinstripes, can also make it seem like you’ve grown a couple of inches. But make sure your jeans are the proper length; if they bag and sag around the hems, you’ll look like you’re drowning in denim.

The pair that gives your bum a boost

If you’re not blessed with a full booty, look for jeans with detailing on the rear to give yourself a boost where it counts. Anything on the seat of your pants, like distressed back pockets or ones with flaps that button closed, will create the illusion of volume. Pockets that are placed higher on the rear can also give you some oomph, as will a v-shaped yoke. Stretch jeans that embrace your bum are flattering, too.

The amazing skinnies

Skinny jeans aren’t just for teenagers and supermodels – you can wear them, too. A mid to high rise provides subtle tummy control, though you should avoid whiskers and fading at the hips if you want to look slimmer. If you have a slender, boyish build, a low rise pair can make you seem more shapely through the hips. Always choose ones with stretch as they’ll flatter your shape instead of fighting against it. Women on the shorter side should be careful about cropped styles though, as they can cut off your legs and make you look even smaller.

The colorful pair

Jeans don’t have to be blue – try some in a different color to freshen up your look. In the spring, grab some designer jeans in a pretty pastel shade, like mint green or pale pink. White jeans are made for summer and look adorable with a striped top and espadrilles for a nautical-inspired look. In autumn and winter, reach for dark denim shades like burgundy, which is stunning with a plain black top and a gold necklace.

The wide-leg jeans

Play around with silhouettes to find jeans you love. Wide-leg pants are a fun way to mix things up, especially when the weather is warm and you don’t want anything clingy. Wear them with a pair of wedges or platform sandals and a tucked-in shirt with a slim fit so it doesn’t look like you’re buried under layers of fabric. Petite women might find this style harder to carry off, but if you have your jeans hemmed to suit your height, it will be much easier to do.

The dramatic black jeans

There’s something about the color black. It looks sophisticated, powerful and confident, making it a great shade for women’s jeans. Black denim also has a touch of formality about it, so it’s also easy to wear to the office or out on the town. Try some skinnies in black with heels or a pair of black flares with leather boots. To preserve their color, always wash black jeans with other dark pieces.

The classic straight-leg jeans

A pair of straight-leg jeans will never go out of style. This timeless cut looks good on any body type and can make you appear taller and even smaller through the hips, unlike pants with a tapered cut. If you want to show off your favorite shoes – whether they’re pointy flats, dainty heels or strappy sandals – try ankle-length straight leg jeans that draw the eye downward and make your footwear the star of the show.

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