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Santa Wish List

Letter to Santa: menswear edition

Dear Santa,

Jim here again – you know, the writer from Lands’ End. I know we’re getting closer to the big day, and my mom always told me you’re not a mind reader, and you’ve got lots of people to take care of, so it’s good to spell things out in writing to make sure we’re all on the same page. Maybe this year we’ll be more aligned and avoid (no offense) last year’s socks and novelty tie fiasco.

This year, I think I’ve been real good. I got this cool new job writing things for Lands’ End, so I finally have a way of saying to questioning family members that, yes, I do use my fancy liberal arts degree. I’ve tried to be less irritable in the mornings, and I eat my vegetables. I even recycle and compost! Just trying to keep an eye out for our planet, Mr. Claus. Maybe all of this would help tip me over to the “nice” list. You know, the people who get the good stuff. If so, here’s a little guidance that might help you narrow down what to put under the tree this year.

  • You know that job I was talking about? Well, it’s in Wisconsin! I’m told that winters up here can be mighty cold – brutal, even. I grew up much farther south, and I’m just not used to that kind of cold. What I could use this year is a good men’s winter coat. Something really warm like a winter parka sure would help me get through the cold days. Many Lands’ End winter jackets are insulated with light and warm down. Down is nature’s best insulator, so those parkas make cold days seem like a breeze. I’d be pleased as punch – and warm as, well, warm punch, I guess – to get one of those warm and cozy coats.
  • This coming winter has me thinking about new ways to keep warm, and I keep hearing folks around the office talking about flannel-lined pants. Where I came from, flannel wasn’t for pants, and it didn’t line anything. But come to think of it, I couldn’t imagine anything much cozier than adding a layer of warm and cozy flannel to my favorite Lands’ End jeans. They’d make my morning walks with Buddy a little more bearable, and it would be like wearing my flannel pajamas around all day. What could be better?
  • Hey there, that’s a thought – how about a whole flannel outfit? I’ve been an extra-good guy this year, and you know what extra-good guys deserve? Flannel! Lands’ End offers a whole array of flannel products that can keep me cozy-comfy all winter. Let’s throw on a few soft and warm men’s flannel shirts for Flannel Fridays in the office and for the classic cold-weather style. The men’s barn coat also features a soft flannel lining, so I can even take my love for flannel to my outerwear. I’ll be having a flannel-filled winter, head to toe!

That’s all! I think that we can agree that I deserve one or two of these things – and this is really just to get your gears turning. Feel free to go off-script. Riff a little. I’ll be one lucky guy to get anything warm and cozy to wear this winter, and I trust I’m in good hands. After all, you’re the expert, right?


Jim, an actual Lands’ End copywriter

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