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Keep Cozy in Plus Size Flannel Pajamas

5 ways to keep cozy in plus size flannel pajamas.

We love to welcome the winter after the first snowfall but we’re definitely not trying to bring it inside. One of the best ways to enjoy the winter’s most ferocious activities is by avoiding all the blizzards, ice storms, slippery roads, and the extreme cold altogether. Enjoy those plus size flannel pajamas and stay in.

“Avoiding the potholes, and countless delays? Count me in, I’ll stay warm and cozy inside.”

Besides, if you can’t even drive to the store or sledding hills, staying in is some of the best winter fun out there. Grab those flannel pajamas and get snug: winter is sticking around.

1. Love catching up on your TV series in plus size pajamas.

Winter is TV season. Even though everybody wants to talk about TV in the summer and fall, we ought to shift the attention to those shows into winter. That’s when we’re spending our weekends snuggled in a pile of pillows and comforters, ready to let the day go by. One of the best feelings is doing laundry on those days and hopping right into warm flannel pajamas.

When your plus size flannel pajamas are making that snowy Saturday the coziest day off, you want to discover peak comfort. How do we do that? Find yourself a plus size cashmere sweater to layer and brew up a morning cup of joe.

2. Create the most comfortable bed in the winter.

Every comfort enthusiast has a pair of soft flannel pajamas, sure. But what’s better than staying in the most comfortable bed in the world? Answer: having the best flannel sheets too.

Sleep in, kick back. It’s meant to be enjoyed and appreciated, especially since there’s a blizzard tearing up the town. The only way you can truly do that is to stay in your jammies past noon letting the full comforts of the bed take you for a ride.

Think back to every time you had to leave that incredible thing behind because you needed to go to work or run errands. Well, today’s the day you get to make that bed as good as it can be. No responsibility, just pure comfort.

3. Invest in a good pair of slippers.

Despite the refreshing look of hardwood floors, they don’t stay as warm as those flannel pajamas you’ve fallen in love with. That means it’s time to get a trusty pair of slippers.

They don’t need to be flashy and they ought to improve your daily routine. Slip into slippers as you’re waking up in the morning and parade around the house in all that comfort.

You’re going to have more cold floor days beyond winter so getting exactly what you need now is going to save you from the wrath of the hardwood floors later on.

4. How to appreciate your flannel pajamas? Shovel the driveway. Wait, what?

If you really want to appreciate the comforts of being indoors you’re going to have to learn how to do that the old fashioned way: going outside and realizing what a pain it is. Strap on those boots, get your best plus size winter coat, and go merrily on your way with a shovel to the driveway.

Once your merriment gets replaced with a spotless driveway (and a serious urge to return inside) you’ll be bounding indoors for those flannel pajamas and all will be right in the world once again. Slip on some wool socks too and you’ll add a new layer of comfort. It’s heaven on Earth.

5. Blankets galore.

After a hot shower, hop into a flannel robe and pick your favorite, most comfortable blankets. Take those to the couch, find yourself a book or a great movie and wile the hours away. Maybe you’ll get to stay in your comfort cocoon till Spring knocks on the door. Whatever it is, don’t let winter in.

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