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The Best Kids’ Sweaters to Bring on Your Fall Road Trip

The Best Kids’ Sweaters to Bring on Your Fall Road Trip

The days may be shorter and cooler, but the fun doesn’t stop just because summer is over. Fall is a great time to venture out with the family on a few exciting road trips. The leaves are falling, the sun casts its glow over beautiful landscapes, and the mood is light and relaxed. It’s easy to get into the spirit of the season when you’re surrounded by such beauty — and when your kids are dressed in clothes that won’t compromise their comfort.

High on the list are sweaters for girls and boys. Available in a variety of styles, these toppers are essential this season, whether it’s an early fall day with just a touch of brisk chill in the air or it’s inching closer to winter, when they may need a layering piece to slip on beneath their coat. No matter the situation, there’s a sweater to meet their needs. Here are a few of the best styles to consider for your upcoming fall drives.


Vests are highly practical for their versatility and comfort. Lightweight and easy to pull on, they’re practical for kids who might not be particularly keen on wearing something bulky, yet need a little extra warmth. Vests are also the best layering pieces out there. They fit seamlessly beneath a jacket, look great over long-sleeve T-shirts and flannel shirts, and are casual enough to wear well on a road trip.

They’re also great partners for everyday wear that your little ones might throw on for a getaway, from kids’ jeans to leggings. Plus, they aren’t too heavy or overwhelming. Your kids won’t feel like pulling them off — they’re so light and effortless, they’ll probably forget that they’re there.


There are few pieces more practical than cardigans. They’re the ultimate grab-and-go pieces that look great with just about everything in your child’s closet, from jeans to dresses. More importantly, they fit right into any wardrobe and wear well year-round. Cardigans fill the gap during those slightly chilly spring days, look great on cool summer evenings, and make a smooth transition to fall.

When it comes time for your road trip, you have tons of options where boys’ and girls’ cardigan sweaters are concerned. Long and lean styles feature buttons so they lock in body heat effectively, helping your child stay warm and comfortable as temperatures drop. When you get out of the car to explore, you’ll be glad you grabbed something cozy and toasty for them. Flyaway-style cardigans are an equally suitable choice for days that aren’t quite so cold, but that call for at least a warming layer on top.


The classic pullover sweater is among the most timeless pieces in existence. It’s a prime candidate for wardrobe MVP, given that it gets so much mileage during the coldest days of the year. From fall through winter, this ubiquitous staple promises to be your child’s most reliable garment — something they’ll wear to school while playing with friends, and, of course, on family road trips when the weather is especially cool.

There are plenty of styles out there. A blouson-sleeve chenille pullover sweater adds a fashionable touch to your little style maven’s wardrobe, and it’s perfect to wear with corduroy pants or leggings for girls. The same can be said for boys’ pullovers, which your little guy can easily wear with jeans or khaki pants.


While turtlenecks aren’t quite sweaters, they provide a considerable amount of warmth, and that’s typically enough to make it a fair substitute for an actual sweater if your child has no interest in wearing one, or if it just isn’t cool enough to warrant one. Turtlenecks are highly practical for their comfort and soft fabric. They’re perfect to wear with everything from comfortable pull-on pants to jeggings.

And because they sit closer to the body than pullovers and cardigans, boys’ and girls’ turtlenecks are also easy to wear underneath jackets and coats should the weather call for it. You’ll find them in a wide range of styles, from solid colors in neutrals and brights to fun patterns that add a little pop to their cold-weather wardrobe. Staying comfortable is key year-round, but it’s especially important during a road trip. Turtlenecks ensure consistent comfort and reliability that parents can trust.

Embarking on a road trip is a great way to spend quality time with the entire family, get away from it all, and discover the beauty of the season in all of its colorful glory. If you do plan to escape for a day or two, make sure you’ve got everything your child needs. The more comfortable they are, the easier it will be for them to concentrate on having fun and making memories during your family getaway.

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