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A Letter to Santa: Home Décor Edition

A Letter to Santa: Home Décor Edition

Dear Santa,

It's beginning to turn cold here in Wisconsin, which means I'm starting to look forward to the holidays. I know you've probably been preparing for Christmas since, well, last Christmas, but I hope you got to take a little time off, maybe a vacation to Mexico, somewhere nice and warm. Back here, I'm eagerly anticipating all the food, cheer, and piles of presents – er, family togetherness. That's what the holidays are about, after all. But presents are nice too. My list this year isn't terribly long, but I'd really like some new home goods to refresh our décor. Maybe you can hook me up with some of the following:

  • It may be winter, but that doesn't mean I can't be thinking about summer! I'd love something cool and new for my family's annual trip to the beach – something like a monogrammed beach towel. I can lay out all day and listen to the sound of the surf, a good book in my hand, and enjoy my soft and stylish beach towel. With the added monogram, passersby will know immediately whose towel this is. Move along, kind sir, this is Jim's towel.
  • While we're thinking about towels, let's talk bath towels. The towels in my bathroom are a hodgepodge mix from my grad school days, and I'm not super proud of them. Nor are my guests always enthusiastic to use them when they come for a visit. I've done my best to be the goodest boy I can be this year, so I think I deserve a set of Lands' End Supima® towels with custom monograms. Nothing beats the softness and vibrant colors of American-grown Supima cotton, and I know they'd last me for years.
  • Come to think of it, I could really use a unique shower curtain. My old curtain just doesn't cut it anymore, and I could really use an upgrade. If you think I deserve it, that is. And if I also happen to deserve a shower curtain with a monogram that matches my bath towels, well, I'd be pleased as punch.
  • As soon as you pop down the chimney on Christmas Eve, you'll probably notice one thing: I'm not the best homemaker. The décor is maybe more than a little lacking. I could use a thing or two to spruce things up around here. A couple throw pillows could really liven up the couch, and I could get downright snuggly under a comfy fleece blanket. And if you had to pick just one, to save room in the sleigh or something, maybe go with the fleece blanket.

That's all! Even if I only ended up with half the things on this list, I'll be one happy guy. All thanks to you, Big Red. If you do decide I deserve it all, I'll need the biggest personalized needlepoint Christmas stocking of all time to hold everything! What more in the world could I ever want?


Jim, an actual Lands’ End employee

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