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Men's coat

An exhaustive, all-inclusive, highly inaccurate list of our men's coats from warmest to the opposite of warmest

Here at Lands' End we get a lot of questions about how warm our coats and jackets really are. And we're always happy to help answer your questions either over the phone or via live chat at or via text messaging. (No telegrams, please.)

But in order to make a handy reference chart you can print out and post on the fridge between the painting young Sam just completed in his second grade art class and last year's Christmas postcard from your friend in South Carolina that you haven't gotten around to taking down yet because it's so sunny and cheerful, here's a list of our men's coats, starting with the warmest and working our way down to the lightest-weight (or least warm). And don't forget to pair these with our men's accessories inclusive of men's winter gloves.


Men's winter coats suitable for use on days in places where it gets really cold.

  • Rusk Parka
  • Expedition Parka
  • Expedition Down Puffer
  • Expedition Down Mock Turtleneck Pullover with removable dickie
  • Squall® System Shell With 800 Down Jacket Zipped into It
  • Expedition Parka Worn Over A Squall System Shell With 800 Down Jacket Zipped into It
  • 600 Down Jacket
  • 600 Down Bomber
  • 597 Down Jacket (Just Slightly Less Warm Than The 600 Jacket)
  • Stadium Squall Coat
  • Squall Parka
  • Sherpa Lined Squall Jacket
  • Bacon Lined Squall Jacket
  • Squall System Shell With 800 Packable Down Vest zipped Into It
  • Squall System Shell with T200 Fleece zipped Into It
  • Squall System Shell with the chartreuse Christmas Sweater your aunt knit for you last year worn under it


Perfect for use on days when it gets cold, but not really cold, but it's colder than you thought when you stepped outside and turned around to get a warmer coat because you can see your breath.

  • Classic Squall Jacket
  • 800 Packable Down Jacket
  • 800 Unpackable Puffier-Than-All-Get-Out Down Jacket
  • Expedition Parka (Sleeves Only)
  • Reversible Fleece Thermaplume Jacket
  • Irreversibly Unattractive Fleece Jacket made from Scraps of Fleece we had left over from making other Fleece Jackets
  • Barn Jacket
  • Shed Jacket (Barn Jacket with Paint Spattered All Over It)
  • That really expensive "Special Edition" wool coat we had a couple of years ago that you can still see on Pinterest, but you can't buy because we don't have any left for men. (Although we do have a few of the women's version available if your community theatre is putting on an all womens version of "1776.")
  • The Bayfield Parka
  • The Oconomowoc Parka (like the Bayfield, but with more "O"s.)
  • 200 Packable Down Apron
  • Primaloft® Quilted Vest


The coats or men's vests you want when there's a chill in the air, a spring in your step and a melody in your heart.

  • Wool Car Coat
  • Wool Pea Coat
  • Wool Green Beans Coat
  • T200 Fleece Jacket
  • T200 Fleece Vest
  • T200 Fleece Bow Tie with Fleece Socks
  • Sweater Fleece Quarter Zip
  • T100 Jacket
  • T100 Vest
  • V-8 Vest
  • 2.5 Layer Waterproof Jacket
  • 2.5 Layer Slicker
  • 2.5 Layer Cake
  • The Jacket We Made Out of Paper Towels and Tape for Halloween Last Year that won second place (a bag of fun-sized Baby Ruth bars) in the department's costume contest.

And there you have it! A complete, exhaustive listing of our men's coats from warmest to not the warmest, including some that we made up. Enjoy and stay warm!!