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Looking for Unique Wedding Gift Ideas? | Lands' End

Looking for unique wedding gift ideas?

The art of giving the perfect wedding gift doesn't have to feel like an impossible skill to master. Just think what brings you the most joy and tailor a gift around it. Why go through the trouble of finding a wedding present when throwing a few bills in a card is so much easier? Here's the thing: a wedding present is a way to connect you to the couple for years to come. Think about it. Each time the couple uses the gift, it'll take them back to their special day, even if for a moment. Bringing a little of the magic of a wedding day into the future is a pretty beautiful thing.

Carolyn M, an avid Lands' End customer from Canada, found herself facing an incredibly busy summer: both of her sons were engaged to be married within a few months! Carolyn's family hosted a double bridal shower for her future daughters-in-law. Among the many gifts, one stood out as a clear favorite. Each received the gift of an ultimate picnic. The wrapping was a fully-appointed picnic basket made by Lands' End, with complete dinnerware service for two secured by adjustable leather straps. Inside the basket was a large Lands' End picnic blanket, rolled up and secured with a carrying handle. The bow on the top of the basket were the Lands' End sunhats, a nice little extra for the brides-to-be.

Each of the brides were thrilled with their gift. In fact, one had a picnic themed photo session planned the next week, so the timing of the wedding present was exceptional. "I love to shop at Lands' End for gifts," says Carolyn. "I'm always so thrilled with the quality of your products and it makes me happy and proud to share with those I love."

You can recreate this gift with a little extra thought and make this wedding gift your own. For example, substitute a large canvas tote for the picnic basket. In the inside pockets, add napkins, a bottle of wine, a cheese board and a few plates. Instead of a picnic blanket, toss in a monogrammed blanket, one that's easily machine washable. Don't be afraid of acrylic blends for such an occasion. Have it monogrammed with "Newlyweds" or "Family" for something a little less traditional. Just like that you have an even more versatile picnic basket.

It's not hard to picture each couple pulling their picnic basket off the shelf, shaking out the blanket, maybe even returning to "their spot" to celebrate another year together. Just think, you as the ultimate wedding gift giver, could be a part of those memories, too.