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Matching Family Christmas Pajamas for Every Home Video

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas for Every Home Video

When it comes to memories, family home videos are one of the best ways to entirely capture everyone's fondest holiday moments. From children to grandparents, home videos are always fun to watch and are a heartwarming reminder of how much everyone has grown and changed over the years. This holiday season, you can add an extra touch to your home video by getting everyone matching family pajamas. Not only will this make everyone laugh, but it will also bring everyone together, including new members of the family joining the party for the first time.

Matching family pajamas are a great gift and go-to item for welcoming everyone to the holidays, especially if you're hosting guests at your own home. While they're a gesture that includes everyone, they will also set things off on the right tone as an all-inclusive start to the holidays. If you'd like to add an extra touch to matching pajamas, think about customizing them with an embroidered monogram. Everyone will love the extra effort and thoughtfulness.

Here's a guide to choosing the perfect matching family pajamas for your holiday season, great for making family videos to watch time and time again!

Choosing the Perfect Matching Family Pajamas

When it comes to choosing the perfect matching family pajamas, decide on exactly who to include. If you're hosting guests over the holiday, make sure everyone is included so as not to offend or hurt someone's feelings. If you have new guests, like a new friend of your son's or a new son-in-law, matching pajama sets are the perfect way to make them feel at home and to break the ice over the holidays. If in doubt, include the person on your pajama gift-giving list.

Now that you have your list, it's time to think about the type of fabric and pattern you want for the pajamas. You can choose from cotton to flannel pajamas in patterns like classic plaid or Christmas tree adorned matching family Christmas pajamas. There are so many options for different fabrics and designs, so choose one that is fun, festive, and suits everyone on your list. Think about whether you'd like your guests to have the option of wearing pajamas year-round, or just over the holidays. If you want year-round style, choose plaid or a solid stripe that can be worn any time. If you're interested in a more seasonal look, opt for a pair of pajamas with Christmas trees or polar bears on them. There is no "wrong" style.

Matching Family Pajamas for Everyone on Your List

When it comes to choosing the perfect cut or style of pajamas, keep in mind that everyone can wear a different type of pajamas if the pattern and fabric are consistent. What that means is that not everyone has to wear long-sleeved pajamas, nor do they have to wear dresses or shorts if that's not their preferred choice. You can mix and match all styles and still get the same results.

Choose from boys' matching pajama sets, women's pajamas, boxers for men, and long sleeve pajama sets based on everyone's personal preference. If you're not sure which style to choose and want to keep things easy, opt for the super traditional long sleeve pajama shirts with matching pajama pants for a look that is ultra-conservative, traditional, and suits everyone on your list, no matter their age.

How to Gift Matching Family Pajamas

Matching family pajamas are the perfect gift when you have guests staying at your house and can be a nice welcoming gesture. Some ideas for gifting matching family pajamas this holiday season include allowing your guests to open one gift on Christmas Eve. That gift should obviously be the matching family pajamas. For full effect, you want everyone to be present at the same time to open their gifts simultaneously. When everyone recognizes that they are all matching, it will lead to an instant laugh and everyone will love the moment! Have everyone change into their Christmas pajamas and catch the family Christmas Eve on tape. Another idea is to wake everyone up on Christmas morning with their first gift, the matching family pajamas, and have everyone change into them bright and early. Then you can capture all of Christmas morning family memories on tape with everyone wearing their festive jammies. Either way, everyone is sure to love their new sleepwear.