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Must Have Monogrammed Travel Items | Lands' End

Must-Have Monogrammed Travel Items

When you organize your travel necessities like a pro, the journey is going to run more smoothly. Instead of fretting over where you put your toothbrush, having convenient storage will make finding your toiletries a snap. There are many travel accessories that will make your travel easier. When you know where everything is, you can feel right at home wherever you go. While having a convenient travel bag is great, personalizing it with your name or a meaningful logo makes it even better. This special touch makes your item easily identifiable. Monogram nearly everything from sweater vests to hand towels if you need an extra flair that sets your personal items apart.

Monogram Briefcases and Laptop Bags

These days, traveling with electronics is no longer an option; it’s a part of life. This is especially true if you plan on using your time in business class wrapping up an important project. Getting your business briefcase or laptop backpack embroidered with your initials will help you distinguish yours from countless others. When you see a sea of cookie-cutter laptop bags at the terminal, having a personal monogram on yours is a lifesaver. Today's laptop bags are made for the active traveler in mind. They have comfortable shoulder straps, multiple pockets, and versatile compartments that enable you to safely store stationery, pens, tablets, and more.

A Grab-and-Go Tote Bag for Nearly Any Situation

Tote bags have practically limitless uses. Perfect for the beach or a playdate, the open-bag design is your go-to for last-minute and anytime travel. The long handle conveniently hangs over the shoulder while its extra pockets allow easy storage for smaller items, perfect for easy access during your journey. Take it to the terminal, to the beach, a baseball game, or even to the grocery store. Put your monogram on it, and it’s yours forever.

Find Everyday Items Easily in a Monogrammed Toiletry Bag

Keep your essential self-care items in one place and under the same label in our super multi-pocketed toiletry bag. No more fumbling for your mouthwash or floss—now everything has its own place, even when you’re on a red-eye flight. Throw in some TSA-approved toiletries and make mid-flight grooming drama-free when you have a toiletry bag that’s not only functional but also has your name on it. Try a packing cube for larger items that you need to protect and locate easily within your suitcase.

Keep Dirty Clothes Separate with a Laundry Duffle

When it comes to travel, one often overlooked issue is laundry. Sure, it’s not the most glamorous topic, but as the days go by, a pile of clothes can accumulate in your hotel or guest room. A monogrammed laundry duffle can keep your quarters tidy. And, it can easily pack into your suitcase for your homebound journey. Portable laundry duffles are made of lightweight materials that don’t weigh down your luggage and don’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase, either.

Be a Weekend Warrior with a Monogrammed Duffle

Duffle bags are the most portable travel bag that’s not on wheels, making them the perfect bags for short trips. They are made to look good as well as take it easy on your shoulders in transit. When travel calls for just a few necessities and speed, this is a great bag. Why not put your initials on it to tell the world who it belongs to?

If you’re not into carrying a single strap but still need a great weekend bag, then a monogrammed backpack can work just as well. Travel backpacks add a touch of adulting to its design that steers away from the hot pink unicorn prints you remember, but don’t worry — if you like, you can still find pink unicorn among custom monogram images!

Don't Let Your Jacket Weigh You Down

Traveling in the winter can lead to a lot of bulk, and your puffy jacket is the usual suspect. This is why a compactable coat is a solution for the traveler who is weary of lugging a jacket everywhere. Check out packable coats and packable jackets that can compress and fold into their own pockets or pouch and turn into a convenient, compact drawstring pouch.

Traveling usually involves some element of chaos, but these charming monogrammed travel essentials will keep you organized and stylish.

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