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Women's winter coats

New Winter Coat Trends of 2019

Not only does your winter coat need to be warm and functional, but it also needs to have a great style, too. Consider the top trends in winter coats and jackets as you are shopping for a new one this season. There are great looks for everyone in the family to choose from, from women's winter parkas to men's puffer coats.

Stylish Trench Coats

With their longer length, belted waist, and sleek look, trenches are a winter coat style that is flattering to virtually every body type. From classic versions to designs with unique details, trench coats are a popular look that are hitting the runways. These are a great everyday style and ideal for work and play.

Long-Length Coats

Coats with long lengths and maxi-coats are another hot trend. These winter coats do double duty to keep out the cold and keep you looking your best. Long lengths are slimming and figure-flattering as well as warm. To follow this trend, just look for a coat that sits below the waist. Anything from hip-length coats to full-length coats that hit the ankles will create a cool, contemporary vibe. Long down coats for women are a popular style this season.

Quilted Coats

Quilting adds an extra element to a coat that gives it an instantly stylish appeal. Quilted styles are ideal for any fashion personality because they are classic yet modern. Everything from chevron and diamond pattern quilting to classic quilted square designs will keep you in style all winter long.

Hot for Fleece

Fleece is everywhere this season, and this is one fashion trend that everyone can love! Not only does a fleece jacket give off a cozy winter vibe, but it's ultra-comfortable and appeals to just about everyone. If you're looking for a great holiday gift idea, a fleece jacket makes a great choice. There's no one on your list that won't want to be cozy and stylish in fleece.

Brightly Colored Winter Coats

Bright colors are everywhere in outwear this year, and for good reason. Not only do bright colors create an eye-catching, stylish look, but they can also help create a bright mood, too. Give yourself a boost and ramp up the spirits of everyone else around you with a brightly colored winter coat this year. Popular colors include:

  • Hot pink: Who doesn't look good in one of the season's hottest shades? Hot pink is flattering to any skin tone, making it versatile and great for everyone.
  • Red: Bright red is a great bold look, and it's extremely popular this year.
  • Bright orange: Another fun shade to consider for your winter coat.
  • Purple: Purple shades are another runway-worth color. You'll be seeing lots of purple hues ranging from bright violets to rich eggplants.
  • Sunny yellow: Everyone needs a bit of sunshine during the dreary winter months. Brighten it up with a sunny yellow winter coat.

White, Beige and Earth-Toned Coat Colors

On the opposite end of the spectrum, neutral colors like white, beige, and more muted earth tones are making a big splash in winter coats. These make good options for those who like a more understated style. They look elegant and go with just about anything, so you don't have to invest in multiple coats. They are also flattering on any skin tone. A bonus to a neutral-colored coat is that you can spice it up with any color of winter accessories, so you have plenty of style options to complete your look.

Modern Puffer Coats

Puffer coats are still sizzling during the cold season. Wearing a stylish puffer coat is guaranteed to keep you toasty warm as the temperatures dip, and you'll be on-trend as well. Modern looks include metallic styles, long puffers, and puffer coats with faux fur accents. Puffer vests are another on-trend option that will keep you warm.

Tailored Cuts

Details make a difference, and coats with tailored designs are an especially flattering trend. The best winter coats feature details like fit-and-flare coat styles, belted or elasticized waists, and tailored looks that pull in slightly at the waist. These all provide fantastic style options that look great on any figure.

Metallic Winter Coats

Whether it's on a puffer coat, a water-resistant coat, a down alternative jacket, or some other style, metallic coats are trending. Shades like silver, gold, and copper are modern and sleek. A bonus of this trend is that metallic jackets work with anything, so they are very versatile.

Faux Fur Accents

Cozy and cute, faux fur accents lend an elegant and modern look to just about any winter coat style. These are especially popular as accents on women's winter coats. A two-toned faux fur accent adds an extra boost of style.

Prints and Patterns

Along with lots of solid color shades, winter coats done in prints and patterns are trending. You'll see items like floral-print fleece, checkered or houndstooth coats, geometric prints, and seasonal patterns like snowflakes.

The Ombre Jacket

Ombre isn't just for hair color—you can also make a big splash in a stylish ombre women's winter parka this year. This sophisticated yet fun style gently blends two different color shades together for a unique look all its own. Ombre jackets work well with solid colored accessories in complementary hues.

Find Your Perfect Winter Coat Trend

Winter coat trends aren't just about what's on the runways. The most important aspect is that the coat style you choose is functional and makes you feel great when you put it on. Many of today's trends are flattering and easy to wear for everyday women, so it's not difficult to find the warmest winter coat that is stylish, too. A winter coat is probably the item you'll wear most all winter, so choose an on-trend style that you'll feel fabulous wearing all season long!

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