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6 Small Changes That Will Have a Big Impact on Your Plus Size Style

New Year, New Look: 6 Small Changes That Will Have a Big Impact on Your Plus Size Style

With so many ill fated New Year’s resolutions out there, you’d like to find one that you can truly commit to. Well, look no further than your own closet! This will be the year you promise to stock up on what flatters, part ways with what doesn’t, and finally get your fashion back on track. Follow these six simple tips to make updating your wardrobe seem a little less complex.

Embrace Your Own Individual Beauty

Allowing everyone to notice their own individual style has become the battle cry for plus fashion designs and we’d just like to say, thank you…and it’s about time. While, plus trends generally follow regular trends, the main difference this season is that plus fashion is being specifically designed to flatter your best features and draw less attention to those you may be more interested in keeping to yourself.

That’s a Wrap

The wrap dress is a classic for a reason, it is flattering for any figure and any season. It’s easy to dress up and down. And, as a bonus, it’s incredibly comfortable! The benefit about dresses of any kind, is that it’s a complete outfit in one! You just need to choose your accessories and you can walk out the door looking amazing! (No one needs to know you spent just five minutes getting ready!

Don’t Fear the Proportions Game

Embrace the long-over-lean look and pull on those plus size skinny jeans, wear the sleeveless plus size mock turtleneck and top it all with a gorgous wrap. Go full poncho if you want, or a cozy shawl secured with a belt. Fabulous, flattering, and ridiculously comfortable.

Short Story

Show off your legs at the resort now, and on your sidewalk in spring later, with a great pair of plus size chino shorts. Many women have shied away from shorts because they’ve traditionally been shorter than they’ve felt comfortable with. The trick is to find the length you love most. Lands’ End offers shorts in a variety of lengths: 7, 9, 10, and 12 inch inseams. Add that pop of color, pair them with a neutral wedge sandal and you’ve got a look that will go with you from vacation to warm summer weather.

The Power Suit

Work attire doesn’t have to mean five days a week of recycling the same basic look. Stylish business attire has been making waves lately. You’ll be able to rethink all your style options. Whether you’re choosing an old favorite ponté dress in a new print and color, layering up with a soft new cashmere sweater, or strutting your stuff in some sleek new pants – you’ll be walking in to the office with your head held high.

Time to Get Timeless

If you haven’t done so already, this is the year to bring a touch of classic style by investing in a high quality plus size wool coat. You’ll truly want to “invest” because generally good wool jackets aren’t cheap and cheap wool jackets aren’t good. To be on trend, try to find a wool coat or jacket that has a bit of length to it. Fit and flare, A-line: these are the best silhouettes to love.

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