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Brilliant Organization Tips for Homes of All Sizes

Brilliant Organization Tips for Homes of All Sizes

The organizing bug hit you. Just a day ago you promised that you were going to take it easy this weekend. Sounded nice at the time but now you’re looking around at every surface in your home and there’s something about everything that doesn’t seem quite right.

Like an interior decorator, you pace around visualizing where things will go and how you’ll perfect the furniture shuffle. Wonderful, you move the couch 45 degrees west and it seems like your entire world has shifted. “This will help,” you say to yourself, not quite sure what it means, but you cleared a table and dusted and emptied a box. And so it begins…

Throw on your favorite sweatshirt and sweatpants. It’s time to organize everything.

How to Organize the Kitchen

Start with one area right off the bat. Focusing on one space can help you to do one thing at a time. Maybe all your drawers have become junk drawers. Focus on one. Then go to the next thing. For example:

  • Food. First, get rid of anything that’s old. Expiration dates from three years ago? You had a different career three years ago…it’s definitely time to trash that bag of croutons. Do you have any unused canned goods? Consider taking them to a food drive. Put all the food you will be eating back in the pantry in an order that makes logical sense to you.
  • The Hoosier Cabinet. It’s a family heirloom that’s impeccable on the outside, but as soon as you open the doors an avalanche of family recipes and magazine clippings pour out from it. If you can’t fit them in a binder or folder, find a shoebox to keep those recipes contained for the time being.

How to Organize the Garage

I could just get sick thinking about that mess of Christmas ornaments. Why is there a bag of dead leaves? Is this for a school project? It doesn’t matter; you just need to clean this place up. If you throw away anything valuable, it’s worth it and you can pay the consequences later.

  • Yard supplies. You’ve dreamt of a pegboard with all your favorite tools situated on it. Organized from roof to lawn. An immaculate collage of yard work. Perhaps this day is the reminder that you still have time to make that dream come true.
  • All the boxes. Oh yes, we know. This sounds pretty rough. But over the years your boxes have gone from being “new and labeled correctly” to being broken in, three different colors of permanent marker and no idea what’s what. “It says sweaters on the side but I’m pretty sure this has…yes…this is where I put all my fabric scraps.” Boxes galore. You can donate what you don’t use and recycle those boxes. Reinvigorating what was once orderly is a healthy exercise.
  • Time for a garage sale. It can’t hurt to put things to the side and try to make some money back for those items that have served their purpose but are no longer necessary. Maybe you’ll make enough to get the kids some nice cashmere sweaters. Not a bad trade-off.

How to Organize the Bathroom

Whether you have cabinet space in your bathroom or a closet nearby, getting your bathroom supplies up to snuff can take a moment to grapple with. If the laundry basket is filled go ahead and get a load started, and then come back to the bathroom and tackle these one at a time.

  • The linen closet. It’s not nearly as much of a nightmare as it seems. Try rolling up your bed sheets and pillowcases. That’ll free up some space. For shelves, organize them according to bathroom supplies or bedroom supplies. All the semi-finished bottles of shampoo, soap, and conditioner: empty those into travel-size containers for when you go on your next trip. Consolidate as much as you can.
  • The counter and sink. Clear everything off, wipe it all down, and put the items you use on a daily basis in an order that makes the most sense for you. The things you don’t necessarily need for mornings and nights can be packed away. Clean that mirror too!
  • Think about it: the bathroom is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing at night. Keeping it in order can help relieve any anxieties that you might collect during the day.

How to Organize the Living Room and Basement

You and the family are using these spaces when you’re at your most relaxed. Relaxed people leave messes.

  • The toys and board games. Wear some slippers in case there’s a plastic brick camouflaged in the carpet. Wouldn’t want to step your bare foot on that. A toy bin solves half of the problem. The other half is reminding your kids to clean up afterward. But easier said than done.
  • The entertainment area. Your collection of movies, records, and CDs has stuck with you despite the changing media formats. It can be a trip down nostalgia lane if you organize them alphabetically or by genre. If you really want to spend some time, organize them by when you first listened or watched it. You’re actually still wearing the same sweatshirt you had when you got half those records. Not bad.

How to Organize Your Computer

This is something you’re more likely to do on an uneventful day at the office. Your desktop may be littered with screenshots, documents, and pdfs that you’ve been collecting for years. But like your actual, physical desk space, you should give this a good clearing too. Going through photos can take quite a bit of time but is worth it if you haven’t had a chance to organize photos into folders.