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The Perfect Flannel Sheets to Keep You Warm This Winter

The Perfect Flannel Sheets to Keep You Warm This Winter

There’s nothing better than the feeling of fresh flannel sheets that you can cozy up to as the weather gets cooler. During a seasonal change, it’s natural to open your linen closet and check on your wintry bedding. If you notice that you’re lacking sheets that bring you joy and comfort, then you should grab a few flannel sheet sets. We’re not exaggerating—these beauties are the real deal. Here’s why flannel sheets are the perfect sheets to keep you warm this winter.

Brushed for Warmth

Make sure to choose quality flannel sheets, which will always be softer and more resistant to pilling. Cotton flannel sheets are specifically woven and brushed to bring out the maximum level of softness. Brushing the fibers makes that velvety texture that sets our sheets apart from the run-of-the-mill materials you’ll find at other stores. Put them in the guest suite and impress your in-laws. Use them in your kids’ bedding to make their nights irresistibly cozy. Put them in your own room and savor the sweet softness and extra warmth that our brushed fibers deliver.

Keep Up With Your Changing Style

Last year may have been all about a neutral theme, but this year you may be enthralled with duvet covers that have patterns and bold colors. Fulfill your need to fill your home with new designs and update your collection. When you get some fun colors like peach quartz, rich red, deep Aegean blue, and deep celadon, your design palette will become more versatile. There’s no reason to stay static in your linen style when you can use your bed as an extension of your personal style. Keeping your comforters clean to boot is just an extra perk!

Complete Your Comforters

Different comforters offer various levels of warmth and thickness to suit your sleeping needs. They are also super soft and come in countless colors, designs, and patterns to make your wintry home décor shine and sparkle. So why allow boring sheets to be on the same bed as your favorite comforter? A great comforter keeps you warm, but a chilly, ill-fitting sheet set knocks off the precious equilibrium that you could establish with great sheets. Our flannel sheets are brushed in a way that the warm air stays trapped in its fibers and keeps you comfortable all night—or during naptime!

Don’t Struggle With Fits

Are you tired of figuring out the top from the side with fitted sheets? A typical sheet has some elastic on its four corners, but the sides all look the same. Even though you statistically have a 50% chance of getting things right, somehow, you have a knack for putting the wrong side on the top. If that's the case, grant yourself some grace and invest in bed sheets have elastic all around! Some even have a special seam on the top that is folded over the elastic, which helps you find the top easily, or a convenient tag that signifies the bottom of the sheet. There's no more guesswork and frustrating linen changes with a set like that! Also, since the elastic is all around the sheet, it’s sure to give you a smooth fit and stay in place.

Reach Greater Heights

Fans of mattress pads and mattress covers, fear not! The extra inches on top of your mattress once made putting on fitted sheets a nightmare. But our fitted sheets can take on up to 16 inches of mattress height, giving you the confidence to sleep soundly without fearing that the edges of the sheet will slip off in the middle of the night. Feel free to throw some memory foam toppers into your cart too—you’ll still get the right fit and grip because quality sheets are designed to work for you.

You Get to Accessorize Like a Legend

What’s more awesome than matching comforters and quilts? Getting a bed skirt to complement your sheets too! Linens give you free rein to dress up your bed (and hide anything you’re keeping underneath your bed in storage). Choose among attractive neutrals so you don’t have to change the bed skirt every time you switch up your bedroom style. Grab some pillows while you’re at it and cover them with a silky-smooth flannel cover from a sheet set. Unleash your creativity and have some fun!

Flannel sheets are made with comfort in mind. They are easy to fit and brushed for softness, and some are even made by Portuguese craftsmen—what are you waiting for? Grab a set for you, for your friends, and for anyone you want to treat to a warm and wonderful night's sleep!

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