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Christmas photo

Photo Backdrop Tips for the Ultimate Christmas Card

The family Christmas card shouldn't be undervalued – it's your annual check-in with friends and family members who you don't see all that often. The Christmas card is your way of saying, "Hey, look at us! We're doing great." Getting all the parts just right for the picture is pretty critical for helping get this message through loud and clear. Coordinating clothes in classic holiday colors and making sure all the kids' hair is combed and neat is a great start, but what's all that mean if your background is a mess? Luckily, our guide for making the perfect backdrop can help give your beautiful family the picture they deserve.

The Lands' End Christmas Shop has plenty of Christmas decorations to complete your holiday décor. Regardless of your style, you're bound to find something you like. Whether you enjoy incorporating natural elements into your home or have a more classic, sophisticated style, we think you'll love what we have to offer.

No mantel is complete without a string of garland, maybe even some lights or a couple candles. The finishing touch, though, is that iconic row of personalized needlepoint Christmas stockings. Lands' End needlepoint stockings are hand-stitched and form the center of a valued Christmas tradition. Stockings come with free personalization during the holiday season, so every member of the family can have their name embroidered on their stocking. Those stockings will look great hung by the mantel (with care) behind your smiling family.

Create some compositional variety by having a person or two seated in a comfy chair. The chair also offers some great opportunities for decorative flair. Throw in a seasonal throw pillow, and things will be looking more festive in no time. Lands' End holiday throw pillows are available in traditional decorative designs plus hand-looped designs depicting cheery winter scenes. No matter which pillow you go with, you'll be adding that touch of holiday décor you've been missing.

If a throw pillow's not your speed, consider a fleece throw blanket in a fun seasonal color. It may not be quite as loud as a throw pillow, but a fleece blanket draped over a chair's back or arm adds some textural variety and a little holiday charm. You can always add a monogram or embroidered image for that extra-special personalized touch.

A more adventurous family might choose to ditch the mantel scene altogether and head outside for a natural backdrop. Get Christmas matching pajamas for everyone in the family and have them wrap up in warm and festive Christmas comforters. Everyone will love your fun-spirited flannel pajama picture and your creativity.

No matter what you choose to do, your Christmas card photo will be special. It's a beautiful thing, and it should convey your family's personality and affection for one another. As long as you do that, you'll be picture-perfect.

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