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Plus Size Flannel Shirts that Fit as They Should

Plus Size Flannel Shirts That Fit As They Should

When it comes to plus size flannel shirts, we want to have one that does it all. When the fit is perfect and the quality is confirmed, it's like striking gold. You want to add a few more to the cart just to make sure you have the season's best comfort locked down. Women's flannel shirts get us through the cooler months of fall and extend through the most frigid days in the winter, and into the early days of spring. So, what do we need to do to find ourselves the best plus sized flannel shirts?

Find That Perfect Flannel Fit

The better the fit the longer I'll have that flannel shirt. For me it's all about where the shirttail hem falls. If it's longer, covering the hips, that feels the most natural. Plus, it's easy to style the flannel with whichever chinos or skinny jeans I'm wearing. Since the French tuck is sweeping the nation, that's a viable style choice, but letting it loose looks awesome too. It really depends on the day and it's nice to have a few options with just one shirt.

Rolling up the sleeves to ¾ length is very fall of you, but plus size flannels are tailored to fit your height. You can roll up the sleeves but you can button them at your wrists without the uncomfortable extra inch of fabric.

Now if you're looking for a plus size flannel tunic, you'll be happy to find there are great options in that department too. These are a must if you like the free flowing feeling of a tunic.

What it comes down to is that if it fits right off the bat, it's going to last.

See How Special Cotton Flannel Feels

Beyond the fit, the equally important "feel" of a plus sized flannel shirt will practically revolutionize your wardrobe. You'll start buying up flannel sheets for your bed, find dress shirts made of flannel, wear plus size flannel pajamas for weekends at a time…that flannel feeling is 100% cotton and 100% worth every penny. And it's a contagious fabric that your wardrobe will fall in love with.

When you have a reliable flannel shirt you're likely to forget about the small things. It gives you a presence and confidence that you deserve. And when it comes to a comfortable fit, the flannel will give you that and more.

As a bonus, your hugs will be the best because of that brushed-inside-and-out feel.

What Would The World Be Like Without Flannel Shirts?

Honestly, we can't even imagine a world without flannel. Once upon a time people didn't wear flannels, but ever since then life's just gotten a whole lot better.

Flannel shirts are often paired with sweaters and cardigans and they always look great underneath a fall jacket. They're one of the few wardrobe items that we love to wear year round (even in the summer, thanks to cool summer nights). It's difficult to even imagine a month without flannel, let alone a lifetime. That being said, once you find the flannel shirt of your dreams, it should last a lifetime.

Flannel shirts make casual look more formal, more buttoned up, and ready for action. Without them we'd have to redefine casual in its entirety. And to be honest, there's no feeling like a flawless flannel shirt.

Over a period of time you've had great flannel shirts come and go from your wardrobe. They've gone on your greatest adventures, have returned home, they've even been left behind at parks and restaurants, and the idea of having a new flannel shirt back in your life is exciting. Get shopping!

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