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Popular Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

Popular Fashion Trends to Try in 2021

2020 is closing out as a low-key and quiet year for the fashion world. This is understandable, given that most of us spent the year in our favorite loungewear and pajamas. Yet, despite the mellow year gone by, we are gearing up for the upcoming trends ahead. Popular fashion trends to try in 2021 are coming in hot, and we’re keeping an eye on all those not-to-be-missed pieces and styles that could become your new favorite look. Here are our top current fashion trend picks for the year ahead, so keep an eye on what’s trending and try it on.

Classic Blazer

A classic blazer is just that: classic. Blazers can also evolve with the changing fashion tides. Different colors, styles, designs, and fits have all shifted in and out of fashion through the years. However, the classic blazer is the timeless piece that remains stylish, even if in certain years it’s trendier than others. The year 2021 is setting itself up to be one where the classic blazer soars back up on the trendy meter. A simple and humble blazer adds elegance, sophistication, and style to almost any look. To enjoy this classic look, choose a fitted and neutral-hued blazer. Colors such as black, gray, brown, navy, cream, and white are all top picks for that timeless look. Wear with women’s jeans, dresses, sweaters, and just about anything else.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones add a whole new depth and dimension to your wardrobe color palette. Bursts of bold and bright colors have been trending for a while, but jewel tones are the next big thing. Jewel tones are richly saturated hues named after gems, such as sapphire blue, smoky quartz, ruby red, emerald green, and citrine yellow. These colors are so rich and delicious, they make any wearer look like they are glowing. Get and wear jewel tones with a fabric like silk or satin for an extra shine and your best shimmer.


Capes have been consistently appearing on runways for years. The good news is, they are trendier now more than ever. We love capes because they are effortlessly elegant and easy to just throw over your shoulders. Capes capture a timelessness that has an endearing medieval or magician’s charm to them. Exude sheer elegance by wearing a cape over a cashmere turtleneck. Capes can be worn either practically in place of a jacket, or, just for the simple loveliness of them.

Midi Skirts

The end of the 20th century saw skirts get just about as short as possible; and ever since we entered into the 21st century, we’ve seen hemlines return to the floor and fall to every length in between. Lucky for us, it’s stylish to wear any length of skirt these days, but the midi skirt has undoubtedly become a particular favorite among the fashionable. Coming in just about any color, fit, and fabric, surely a midi skirt is out there that feels like a perfect match for you.

Simple Knitwear

Knitwear is also fashionable in one way or another, probably because knits are undoubtedly a wardrobe necessity in the cooler months of the year. Knits may also be in but, like blazers, they are constantly evolving. Despite all the styles of knits, simple knitwear is still a trend that if you haven’t committed to yet, 2021 is the best year to do so. Minimalist knits are stylish, practical, and timeless looks that offer functional and versatile ways to wear them. Women’s sweaters made of lush cashmere, fine wool, or cotton blends are going to be your go-to this winter. Choose a selection of sleek cardigans, elegant turtlenecks, and even sweater dresses to wear this look. Keep it simple by choosing solid colors and fitted designs.


Jumpsuits are still here and, perhaps, are even here to stay. Even if up until this point you figured jumpsuits weren’t best for you, do a quick search and you’ll see that many designs and fits are available that will flatter any body shape and match any personal style. Wear under a blazer or with your favorite cardigan, and add a pair of ankle boots for an easy fashionable look that is undoubtedly comfortable and effortless to wear.

Exploring new trends and trying new styles is a fun and adventurous way to explore your own personal style and allow your aesthetic to evolve. Who knows, maybe one of these trends will become your next go-to look.