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Post Mastectomy Bathing Suit Buying Tips

Post Mastectomy Bathing Suit Buying Tips

Finding the perfect bathing suit is hard. After a mastectomy though, it can seem like an impossible task. Instead of worrying, enjoy these tips for choosing a comfortable, flattering and supportive suit that will help you feel as good as you look.

Considering Curves

Try one of the mastectomy swimsuits from Lands' End, which feature prosthesis pockets that make enhancing your figure easy. If you'd rather not bother with breast forms, that's fine, too. Either way, avoid suits with underwires, as they'll more likely to feel uncomfortable.

Mix and Match

Two-piece swimsuits, like a tankini, can be a lifesaver after a mastectomy. Instead of a suit that's tight in one place and loose in another, you can choose swimsuit separate tops and bottoms that fit perfectly. Always try on multiple sizes and styles to figure out what's working best for you.

Customize a Swimsuit

If you find a gorgeous swimsuit without prostheses pockets, don't despair! Many stores will add custom pockets free of charge, so be sure to ask. Alternately, you can take the suit to a tailor, or a talented friend, and have pockets made.

Easy to Adjust

Look for mastectomy swimwear with adjustable straps and halters that tie at the base of your neck. These suits can be quickly altered for the perfect fit, which is helpful if you have an asymmetrical shape. They're also great for accommodating a changing body over time.

Try Something New

Before your mastectomy, you may have been limited to one-piece swimsuits that provided lots of support in the bosom. If you're feeling up to it, experiment with new looks that might not have worked in the past. Try on something with spaghetti straps, a wild back or a cute bandeau top, and see what you think.

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