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Practical Christmas Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Practical Christmas Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Trying to keep up with kids’ trends and toys these days will make any parent’s head spin. Rubber bands in funny shapes, how is that even a toy? Star Wars is still cool these days, right? (Star Wars, by the way, is always cool) Save yourself the headache this Christmas by skipping the new toy drama and getting the kids something that they’ll love and, even better, something that they’ll actually use! Parents know all too well how quickly kids get tired of that toy they’ve been begging for nonstop these past few months, so give them something that’ll outlast the current popular toy hype by months, if not years. Here are some ideas for practical Christmas gifts your kids will love.

A Sturdy New Backpack

Whether your kid is headed to grandma’s house for a sleepover or a wild jungle adventure in the backyard, they’re going to need somewhere to stash their stuff. A new backpack is great for any kiddo on the go, especially if their current pack is reserved for school stuff most of the year. Make it uniquely theirs with a fun pattern that fits their personality and some monogrammed initials or design to make this backpack stand out against all the others. You can use the backpack as part of the gift packaging this Christmas by filling the bag’s many pockets with smaller presents for them to find. Individually wrapped candies that won’t melt or squish easily make fun surprise gifts to tuck inside, as do trinkets your kid can use to further decorate the backpack. Pins and keychains are a fun and inexpensive way for your kid to show off their personality while out on an adventure.

Personalized Towels

If your family is one with multiple kiddos scurrying about or you’re buying for a kid with siblings, having things that belong just them is a big deal. Kid A is always wearing Kid B’s hats, Kid C keeps using everyone else’s bath towels instead of getting one for themselves, nobody’s wearing socks that belong to them. When you share so much with your siblings on a daily basis, it’s refreshing to have a couple of things to call your own. Monogrammed towels are a great gift for siblings, and they save mom trouble too! There will be fewer bathroom mix-ups when everyone knows to grab the towel with their name on it for their bath or beach day. You can also label each kid’s towels by getting their sets embroidered with designs that fit their personality. Rockets for Kid A, puppies for Kid B, dinosaurs for Kid C. Couldn’t be easier!

A Fresh Notebook

Not sure what your kid is into? Let them show you in their brand-new notebook! A fresh pad of paper is a creative kid’s best friend, perfect for treasure maps, short stories, sticker collections, and anything your kid could ever want to doodle. You can pair this gift with all the tools they’ll need to make their masterpieces, such as art kits, markers, stencils, and stickers. Notebooks come in all styles and types, so finding one that your kid will love shouldn’t be difficult. If your kid is shy about their art or doesn’t want anyone looking at what they’re drawing, consider getting them a diary with a simple lock and key. Notebooks don’t have to be anything special, though. Simple spiral bound ones with pop culture characters on the cover can easily be found in the school section of your local have-it-all store.

Finding practical gifts your kids will love can be tricky, but don’t sweat it when Christmas shopping this year! Toy trends will come and go, but a sturdy backpack, some just-for-me towels, and a handy dandy notebook will never go out of style. Adults might enjoy these gifts too!