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Women's rain jacket

Raincoats perfect for any girls' trip

Martha's Vineyard, New Orleans, Miami, Portland, Chicago and New York are all popular destinations for a good girls' trip, and they all have the potential for rain in the forecast, depending on the time of year you go. Even if you're just staying at a local hotel, you'll want something to keep your hair and makeup looking on point when you are out and about. Whether your goal is to look stylish or simply stay warm and dry, here are some styles of raincoats that are perfect for any girls' trip.

The Classic Trench Raincoat

While the best women's raincoats really depend on where your trip is, you can't go wrong with a classic trench coat for both fashion and function. A removable hood is a bonus feature in case the weather gets really crazy and you don't want to lug around an umbrella. If you don't mind carrying an umbrella (or having the concierge at your fancy hotel do it for you), opt for a cropped belted trench coat that can provide a flattering silhouette.

A Raincoat That Doesn't Look Like a Raincoat

Especially if you want to rely on one jacket that can be worn no matter whether it is raining or not, women's rain jackets are great options. These coats have zippers in the right places and fit just right, making them a great option to grab on your way out the door for your trip. When other people are scrambling for cover saying, "I didn't know it was supposed to rain!" you can confidently walk around without a few raindrops ruining your day.

A Lightweight Squall Raincoat

A Squall coat is windproof, waterproof and great for wearing between seasons. While there are heavier options for cold weather, a lightweight squall can make a great raincoat that easily packs into your suitcase for the weekend or can be worn as is, without feeling or looking stiff. When shopping for a Squall raincoat, look for one that has a two-way zipper for mobility and venting. The seams should be sealed to prevent rain from sneaking in.

An Insulated Raincoat

Even in the warmest climates, the temperature can drop significantly during a rainstorm. If your goal is to not only stay dry but also warm, an insulated raincoat is ideal. Even better, a packable jacket that can easily be stuffed into your luggage without taking up too much space is great for a girls' trip. Look for a reversible one so you can choose your color and make it look like you were able to pack two coats magically into your tiny duffle bag instead of one.

A Rain Parka

If you're wondering, "What exactly is a parka?" you're not alone. In general, it comes down to length. While a women's jacket typically reaches your waist, a parka tends to be slightly longer, but maybe not quite as long as a coat. A parka tends to have a hood as well as a square appearance. Parkas also tend to have lots of pockets, meaning you won't need to carry a purse if you don't want to.

Don't Forget About the Boots

There's no use staying covered up on top if you're going to get your feet wet anyway. You'll need a matching pair of women's rain boots as well. Here, the choices are endless. There are all-weather boots that are lightweight yet warm and waterproof. These are what your grandmother might call "galoshes," rubber boots that don't typically have insulation. Of course, there's the classic "duck" boot option as well, with a rubberized sole and cloth upper. If you opt for leather rain boots, make sure they are waterproof. These look great matched with a trench-style raincoat—a perfect look for your girls' weekend.

If you're in the market for a raincoat, try to focus more on whether you'll be wearing it for just this one trip, or whether you can use it back at home as well. For example, if you live in Las Vegas, you might not ever need a raincoat other than for your trip, so something all-purpose and lightweight might be a better choice than something that's insulated. Then again, you can always use your purchase of an insulated raincoat as an excuse to go on another girls' trip.