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Sweater Weather Lookbook to Keep You Cozy | Lands' End

Sweater weather lookbook to keep you cozy.

The return to sweater weather marks one of our favorite points in the entire year. While we are always saddened by summer’s curtain call, just thinking of the warm and cozy autumn attire we’ll soon be wearing gets our spirits up.

In the interest of raising yours too, we’re going to share this “lookbook” that contains some of our favorite looks. Follow the story below and you’ll be day dreaming about flannel shirts, cardigans and cashmere sweaters in no time at all.

The flannel shirt and jeans look

It’s not a straight line from summer to proper sweater weather. In between you’ll encounter that brief shoulder season when it’s still too warm to wear a sweater, yet chilled enough to warrant something heavier than just a tee and shorts.

For this conundrum, we have a simple, two-part answer: flannel shirts and women’s jeans. The rougher hand and workwear background of denim naturally lends itself to a flannel shirt. And while part of the appeal of the look lies in its simplicity, you shouldn’t feel restricted to wearing these two items alone. You could use the flannel shirt as a light layering piece in lieu of a sweater: start with a tee shirt as a base look and then add the flannel shirt on top. Wear it open when the day is warmer, and button it up if you start to feel any chill.

The turtleneck and blue blazer look

We love turtlenecks in the fall, whether you’re wearing a chunky cable knit number with jeans or something lighter with tights or a skirt. But one look that we’re particularly fond of is the prep-inspired combination of a turtleneck and a blue blazer.

For the turtleneck, look for a lighter fabric like a cotton-modal blend or even a turtleneck made from 100% silk (the idea of a turtleneck made entirely from silk may not sound warm at first, but remember that silk is an excellent insulator). Top it all off with a hopsack blue blazer, jeans and a pair of riding boots for classic equestrian cool.

The boho shawl look

Shawls are one of the more bohemian sweater choices to begin with. Their loose cut and lack of structure naturally suit them to looks that are similarity creative and carefree. But carefree doesn’t equal cold. You can still stay perfectly cozy in your shawl so long as you choose accessories that will add warmth and complete the look.

We like to double-down on the shawl’s drapey quality by adding a loosely tied scarf on top. And above that, add a hat like a fleece bow beanie that will keep your head warm while adding a little extra flair thanks to its decorative bow.

The cashmere cardigan with anything look

Thanks to its button-front design, the cardigan lends itself to laid-back, day off looks. The relaxed nature of the cardigan becomes even more pronounced when it’s a looser, button-less cardigan designed to be worn open or secured with a wrap.

For the best of both worlds, find a cozy, casual cardigan made from soft cashmere. You’ll love how convenient an open cardigan is to slip into, and you’ll appreciate the warmth that cashmere provides as you find a good place to read a book or recline on the sofa. But just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t look put together. Fortunately, all that’s needed to complete a slouchy cashmere cardigan look is a favorite tee shirt and a pair of jeans.