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Sweater Weather Looks to Flatter Any Body Type | Lands' End

Sweater Weather Looks to Flatter Any Body Type

It’s so hard saying goodbye to summer, especially when you’ve been maximizing all of the fun in the sun regardless of those awkward burns. But cooling temps and shorter days doesn’t mean you have to go into hibernation (just yet). Fall means sweater weather is upon us. And really, what’s better than wearing warm, cozy sweaters all day long? Check out our favorite women’s sweater weather looks to flatter any body type so that you can make the most out of the great outdoors this season.

Pear shape defined

If you have narrow shoulders and a smaller bust and waist but wider hips with full thighs and booty then you are a pear shape. What does that mean? Only that your waistline is small and feminine and should be accentuated with what you wear. To do this you’ll want to wear sweaters and tops that flatter your shape, hitting you at the hips instead of below. Of course if you feel more comfortable in a longer sweater or flannel shirt you can wear them with confidence when you opt for ones that stop mid-thigh, thus elongating your torso.

What to wear if you’re a pear?

Belts are a pear girl’s best friend and not just for holding up your bootcut jeans. Try using them as a stylish accessory to accentuate your waist by wrapping them around long sweaters or long sleeve dresses. A belted cardigan would be a great addition to any work wardrobe during the chilly months ahead.

Hourglass shape defined

Curvy girls with larger busts and bottoms and smaller, defined waistlines are the ones that fill out this body shape category. Show off those curves whenever possible but remember to dress proportionately, meaning if you wear something loose on top then your bottom half should look fitted. Same goes for patterns and stripes (basically pair them with solids or else risk looking like a walking piece of abstract art).

What to wear if you’re an hourglass?

Finding the right fit for your size is one of the most important factors when you’re an hourglass. If this means sizing up to plus size jeans to get the right fit in the waist and thighs then so be it. Also, if you choose to wear loose fitting clothing on top like a cozy flannel shirt remember to pair it with something sleek and fitted on bottom like your new favorite pair of plus size skinny jeans. A lightweight, form-fitting sweater is also a great choice for hourglass figures. And bonus: lightweight fabrics tend to compliment that stunning silhouette of yours. Can’t beat that.

Rectangle shape defined

If you have legs for days but your torso appears to be more straight up and down with few (if any) curves then chances are you have a rectangle body shape. You’ll want to draw attention to those long legs and give the illusion of a longer torso by wearing longer sweaters and tops with bold patterns and stripes.

What to wear if you’re a rectangle?

Turtlenecks and V-neck sweaters alike will add some length to your torso, especially if they’re on the longer side and fall past your hips. And remember not to shy away from patterns. A bold striped cashmere sweater will definitely get you noticed for all the right reasons this season.

Apple shape defined

A rounder shape throughout, an apple body type is full in the bust and waist with a rounder back side, narrow hips and long, shapely legs. Empire waistlines look great on you, as do longer sweaters that create vertical lines and give the illusion of a longer, leaner torso.

What to wear if you’re an apple?

Open cardigans that drape mid-thigh are a great choice for an apple. Not only do they help create those long lines you’re looking for but they are loose and not clingy which offers a flattering silhouette. And if you’re looking for something more casual try a flannel shirt or tunic with a few open buttons at the neckline. Just nothing that drapes too long past your thighs and detracts from those long, shapely legs.

No need to hide behind bulky threads just because the weather has turned. Show off all that your body type has to offer this season with a few stylish pieces that will have you loving every minute of the cool and cozy sweater weather ahead.