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How to Wear Denim on Denim

Take your Jeans and Jean Jacket to New Heights: How to Wear Denim on Denim

We’re taking a colorful step with the tradition of denim, otherwise known as jeans. Jean jackets, high rise slim leg jeans… the classic look. The story we’re stuck on is color, way beyond the normal blues. Sure, indigo washes will always be a part of the story, but what we’re loving is the fresh look of pastels. It opens up so many fresh ideas. How can you make the most of this amazing new look? We’ll give you some pointers.

First, the ultimate question: can you wear jeans on jeans?

Yes, you absolutely can pair your jeans jacket with women’s jeans. It’s a perfectly acceptable look. Everywhere you look you can find the classic combination: black jeans, indigo jean jacket, white tee shirt and white sneakers. You can even pair a blue jeans jacket with your blue jeans, separated with a white tee, pastel tee, even a tee with more color. Piece of cake.

How do you wear pastel jeans and pastel jean jackets?

There are a few ways you can go. Feeling more fashion forward? Match your pastel jeans jacket with your jeans. Keep your tee or button-front shirt neutral. If you want to keep the color line, tuck in your shirt. Or break it up by leaving it untucked. Choice is yours.

If you want to play it a little safer, use complementary colors to create your outfit. A few of our favorite color combinations include lavender and yellow, pink and soft green, tangerine and soft melon, guava and turquoise. If you’re not sure, break out your grade school color wheel, or find it online. Look for opposite colors. Experiment. See what shades work best for you. Remember, your indigo jeans jacket acts as an amazing neutral. So you can always work your way into your look by starting with a blue jacket and throwing a little color via your jeans.

Over time, denim maintained a place in our closets, and that’s totally fine. Denim lasts, that’s a fact, and we know that when we have variety, the variety lasts. How about combining those two aspects together? We love harmony and we love a long-lasting outfit.

Denim represents who we are. Once we find the right pair of jeans we order two more knowing that an investment in the perfect fit will last through fads, shaky economic downturns, and all that uncertain weather. Three, four, even five different colors means different looks, different hues, different “yous.” Meaning you can wear these for years and years without looking in the mirror realizing that you look a bit funny in all blue. Blue jeans are great but there’s so much more to denim than getting four different shades of blue jean blue.

You’ll look inspired and sleek in a slimming look. One that allows for creative flair when it comes to whatever shirt you don underneath that jacket.

Some may call the denim combo a Canadian tuxedo, but this time around it’s a profile of who you are: a dignified expression in American style.