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Taking stock in your kids' cold weather gear

Mid-winter refresh: taking stock in your kids' cold weather gear.

This season can be hard on roofs, roads – and your kid's winter gear.

Hats and gloves go missing on school buses. Parkas and down jackets fall victim to growth spurts. And that pair of snow pants or winter boots you invested in last winter doesn't make it down the ski slope intact (blame the consecutive months of growth spurts).

Considering how many other costs the season necessitates, having to invest in a new kids' winter wardrobe year after year can leave you feeling cold. Fortunately, Lands' End has thought of a few clever ways to give children's winter essentials a longer shelf life.

Kids grow. While it's always exciting to notch a higher pencil mark on the doorway, it's a shame their clothing doesn't grow with them. But thanks to Grow-A-Long, it can catch up.

Grow-A-Long is a feature unique to Lands' End that allows the sleeves of a girl's parka or boy's jacket to be extended by up to 1.5 inches, and the legs of a pair of snow pants by 2”. The way it works is simple: just release the red string inside the sleeve or pants leg to add extra length and catch up to last summer's growth spurt.

But kids' snow pants have another challenge to contend with: play. From sledding slips to skating rink spills and everything in between, a just-invested-in pair of snow pants can be worn out well before it's time. That's why we added Iron Knees® & Seat, a dual layer of tough-as-nails nylon that reinforces the knees and seat.

We're proud of these features, but we know that neither addresses that most maddening of winter wardrobe misfortunes: the single, missing glove. If you ask us, losing just one half of the pair is almost worse than losing both.

Or it would be, if it weren't for the Lost Mitten Club. The Lost Mitten Club doesn't require a letter of introduction or a secret password to join: the only prerequisite is losing one half of a pair.

When that happens, Lands' End will replace the missing mitten at just half the cost of a full pair. After all, it just seems like the obvious thing to do. And there's nothing that makes us happier than – excuse the pun – giving you a hand.

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