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Morning coffee

The best parts about morning coffee

It's a hard task to try and lay down the best parts of what may be the first, best experience of the whole day: that initial cup of morning coffee. Padding down the hall in your slippers, bathrobe tied around your waist, few yawns escaping en route to the kitchen…the journey is worth the reward.

Despite the scope of that task, we've endeavored to map out its most satisfying, life-giving, and day-starting aspects. Here are the best parts about morning coffee.

The aroma

The word "aroma" doesn't quite do it justice. Those first wafting notes of coffee in the morning are perhaps rivaled only by bacon in their ability to jolt even the least morning-people among us to hop out of bed and begin a new day.

Naturally, you'll want to make the most of them. The moment at which coffee beans will be their most aromatic is when they are freshly ground. Fortunately, you can capture that fresh-ground smell each morning if you commit to blending them yourself.

Don't feel like you'll have to clutter your kitchen counter space with industrial sized (and priced) machinery to do so. You can easily procure a small coffee grinder made specifically for this purpose, so you can simply add a few scoopfuls of beans (typically two scoops per cup) into the blender and blend it fresh. Timing can vary based on personal preferences, but anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds will typically do the job.

The heat

If the olfactory aspect is the first thing you'll notice about coffee each morning, the second factor will be the heat. Like the aroma aspect, you'll begin to enjoy it even before the first sip is taken. From the first moment you clasp your hands around the freshly brewed cup, you'll benefit from its feeling of warmth. And once that first sip touches your lips, even the frostiest of mornings won't feel quite so frigid anymore. When subzero mornings have us seeking additional shelter under the bed sheets, the warm promise of a cup of coffee is one of the few things that can wrangle us out.

The taste

It's hard to speak about the taste of coffee in any way that is specific. The actual flavor experience can vary immensely from those who stick to Maxwell House versus single-origin connoisseurs, or those who take their coffee with milk and sugar versus those who take it black.

What ties these experiences together is that they're something each person can look forward to as the official start of the morning. Which brings us to our next point.

The routine

Olympic athletes, world-class violinists and Navy SEALs can all tell us the same thing: routine is everything. While you may not be training to win a future gold medal, there's truth to the idea that a structured day with its own routines can lay the foundation to a focused and successful day.

The first step to developing a successful daily routine is to stick to an early wake-up time. And the best way to ensure that goal is to begin it with a good cup of coffee. There's nothing better than starting the day in your flannel pajamas and slippers, sitting with a fleece blanket in your favorite chair, holding a steaming cup of coffee before the craze starts. It's the ultimate "me time" we should all enjoy a little more of these days.

The expectation

Let's face it: the start of a new day does not always feel like a glorious new adventure. Whether you're the one hitting the snooze button or trying to get your kids out of bed in time for the bus, mornings can turn into a blurred rush of time commitments and anxieties.

To face what could be a stressful morning, it's great to have one thing you can look forward to amid the chaos. And if you make that one thing coffee, you can rest assured that it'll be there to greet you every morning in all of its caffeinated glory.