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winter favorites

'Tis the Season for Cozy: Snuggle up With These Winter Favorites

There are certain things that are synonymous with winter: the holiday season; snow-covered streets and blustery weather that makes you want to hole yourself away in your home to hibernate until spring; or savory, warm, home-cooked meals followed by a movie night with your family wrapped up in blankets. Of course, it's the time of year when you put your shorts and flip flops away and trade them in for knit sweaters, comfy pants and generally any type of clothing article you can cocoon yourself up in. What are the must-haves for the winter season? We believe the snowy months wouldn't be complete without these:


Keeping your feet warm during the winter months should be priority number one because if your feet are cold, the rest of your body will be cold. Splurge on a pair of furry moccasin slippers that will make you look and feel stylish while – more importantly – keeping your tootsies super toasty. Walking on hardwood floors barefoot during the winter months is no fun, and socks just don't offer the same luxurious comfort that slippers do, especially when those slippers are lined with shearling fur. By a certain age, everyone should invest in a pair of slippers that can be relied on at the end of a long day. A pair of moccasins with a suede leather exterior and a shearling fur interior is a favorite for a reason. They're durable, allowing you to get a lot of wear out of them, yet they're also incredibly plush on the inside.

However, maybe shearling fur moccasins aren't your thing, and that's fine! Maybe Sherpa fleece clog slippers appeal to you more. If you are approaching the holiday season and already buying a pair of slippers for yourself, share the love and gift a friend or family member with a pair of monogrammed moccasin slippers. It's personal, practical and comfy, a combination rarely found in other purchases.

A Plush Robe

Whoever invented robes has indeed done a tremendous service to civilization. Without plush, warm robes, everything from getting out of a hot bath to getting out of a warm bed would be so much more jarring. Almost everything is better when done in a robe. Eating your breakfast of toast, eggs and fruit with your robe on is so much better than doing it without a robe. Coming home after battling a particularly rugged snowstorm and pulling off your snowy winter garb to put on a giant robe is so much more decadent and soothing than just putting on some sweats and a T-shirt. After all, sometimes pajamas or comfy clothes don't offer enough warmth on a bitter winter day. Why settle for that when you can wear a long Sherpa-lined flannel robe, a long plush fleece robe or a flannel robe?


Unless it's the weekend, most people simply don't have the time to lounge around in comfy matching family pajamas all day long. That's why it's extra important to have a favorite pair of pajamas all laid out and ready to be worn on an especially cold winter evening. What else goes perfectly with a hot cup of cocoa, a crackling fire in the fireplace and a good book? A soft cotton nightgown or a comfy fleece pajama set, of course. If you have your eye on a colorful new flannel pajamas or a long-sleeved flannel nightshirt, go for it. You can never go wrong with either of these selections. Want to make it a family affair? Get matching flannel pajamas for the whole family just in time for the holiday season. Family movie nights will be all the more festive.


Would your winter wardrobe ever be complete without a handful of your favorite sweaters? Try a cotton shawl cardigan for when you're staying in, a sweater fleece coat for when you're going out or a V-neck tunic sweater that will look good on you no matter where you're going. In a way, finding a good sweater is quite like finding a quality pair of shoes. It's great to have a couple of fun pieces, but finding the sweater that will become your favorite sweater and will gift you with years of wear is an art form. If you feel you have graduated to the place of having one or two high-end, quality pieces instead of a bunch of fun but perhaps cheaper items, make sure the sweater you have your eye on meets all your criteria. Not sure what that criteria is? It all comes down to the fit, color, style and material. When you find something that fits all the criteria you love, it's a good bet you've found yourself your new favorite sweater.