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Girls' Christmas sweaters

Top five details girls want on their Christmas sweaters.

There's a certain synergy between girls' clothing and Christmas sweaters. Both share a light-hearted sense of fun that embraces color, pattern, and festivity over subtlety and formality. So it's of little wonder that girls' Christmas sweaters are an especially vibrant item in a category that already pushes statement and whimsy. While there are many details to choose from, these five are sure to bring joy to any girl's holiday season.

Sparkle. One of girlhood's greatest privileges is the ability to wear sparkle with total confidence. And considering the twinkling lights and Technicolor lawn displays that accompany the holiday season, sparkle is a natural match for the most wonderful time of the year. Indulge her love of bright, shiny sparkle with a cardigan that features a bedazzled pattern of bows or snowflakes, or go all-in with a V-neck cardigan covered in shining sequins.

Pattern. There are few parts of the calendar that call for bold patterns as much as the holiday season. Fair isle is a great place to start, but don't think that these fair isles need to appear too muted or grown-up. Her Christmas sweater can embrace a fun fair isle pattern that makes use of hot pink, bright red and deep blue, or alternatively mix only in red and white to create a Christmas-ready tableau. Outside of Fair Isle, go for the full color embrace. A multi-stripe sweater featuring more colors than a crayon box has a playful energy that mixes well with the holiday spirit, but can also be worn year-round.

Graphics. Even adults find themselves donning bold Christmas sweaters with holiday-specific graphics this time of the year, so why shouldn't girls be having just as much—if not more—fun with graphics? A girl's tunic top graced by the image of a hat-wearing polar bear between two ice caps is bound to bring a smile to her face, and yours.

3D Details. Is there any detail that embraces that playful spirit of the holiday season as much as the pom-pom? Pom-poms will pop even more when set against contrast details like a cable knit body and striped sleeves.

Trim. Not every detail needs to be so maximalist. If she's trying to look a little more grown up, you can compliment her evolving style sense and still help her enjoy the season's festive mood by opting for a sweater with trim details. An otherwise solid cardigan may be a bit more subtle, but its tartan trim is a reminder that the holiday season should be fun.

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