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Top Women's Boots to Gift This Holiday Season

Top Women's Boots to Gift This Holiday Season

It could be argued that boots are the ultimate Christmas gift. The women in your life–be it your wife, mother, sister, or friend–appreciate a good pair of boots because they serve so many purposes. Namely, they are practical for the colder seasons and are a fashion staple that belongs in every woman’s closet. If you are planning to gift the women in your life with a pair of women’s boots, here are a few of the top-rated boots for women to consider.

Ankle Boots

Every woman needs a go-to ankle boot. These are the boots that can be worn virtually every season, provided they pair appropriately with the right attire. A pair of School Uniform Women’s Leather Side Zip Chelsea boots, which come in cognac and black, will go nicely with a pair of women’s skinny jeans or straight-leg denim jeans.

For a little variety in the material of the boots, swap out the leather boots for the Suede Leather Side Zip Chelsea Boots, which come in one color: maplewood. A pair of ankle boots make for a convenient and fashionable gift for any woman in your life because they are so easy to slip on and pair with a variety of outfits. A third ankle boot style option is the Suede Block Heel Buckle Booties, which, as the name suggests, comes with a little bit of a heel and a buckle to accessorize the boots.

Plush Tall Boots

These are the slippers of boots. These are the boots a woman wants to wear when she has to run out of the house to pick up the kids from dance class or go grocery shopping, but she doesn’t want to slip out of her slippers. Once she owns a pair of plush tall boots, that won’t be a problem anymore. Dare we say, they may be warmer and more comfortable than house slippers? Whether made of suede or decorated with a faux fur collar and trim, these boots look just as warm as they feel.

Tall Boots

Just as every woman should own a go-to pair of ankle boots, she should also own a pair of tall boots. The tricky part is figuring out what style of tall boots to gift someone with. If you feel pretty familiar with their style, that makes the process easier. Do they like classic tall boots like Women’s Riding Boots in a tobacco brown or black color? Or a pair of tall boots that make more of a statement, like the Women’s Tall Stretch Boots in dark asphalt?

Keep in mind the outer material of the tall boots since you want to find something that is fashionable but will also effectively keep feet warm. If the person you are buying for lives in a climate where snowfall is rare and the practicality of keeping feet warm and dry isn’t a priority, you can focus more on tall boots that are more about fashion than function. However, if practicality is just as high a priority as fashion, something like Women’s Riding Boots will still look effortlessly stylish while still keeping feet warm and dry. Plus, they’ll look great with a fleece jacket or vest.

Snow Boots

Of all the fall and winter boots that exist, women’s snow boots are arguably the most important as far as practicality and function go. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway to a ski resort where you know you’ll be spending a lot of time in the snow or need something reliable to wear when you are shoveling the driveway, you’re going to need a pair of winter snow boots. There are several styles to choose from, but the two most important features include a warm, insulated interior and a waterproof exterior that will effectively keep the snow

As far as gifts go, one high-quality option is the squall insulated winter snow boots. With these boots, there are three different colors to choose from: arctic gray, black, and dark caramel. Another option that is more affordable and slightly less heavy-duty is the Insulated All-Weather Winter Snow Boots, which come in four colors: warm graphite, maplewood, black, and classic navy. If you know your gift recipient will really appreciate a hardcore pair of snow boots designed for the toughest snowy weather, go for the Women’s Expedition Insulated Winter Snow Boots, which come in black coffee and black. The outer material is extremely durable, so they double as work boots and the interior is made of faux fur and fleece lining. Boots like these will go well with a women’s winter coat, like an expedition parka.