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Keep Your Kids Warm All Winter With These Top Outerwear Picks

Keep Your Kids Warm All Winter With These Top Outerwear Picks

Ensure your kids stay warm and comfortable this winter with the right outerwear. There's something for every age, size and style preference. You'll find kids' winter coats to suit every aesthetic, whether your child loves pastel hues or bright colors. There are jackets for chilly days and heavy-duty coats for snowy ones. Read on to learn more about the best kids' coats, jackets and snowsuits for kids.


A jacket is a versatile piece of outerwear that kids can wear in almost every season. Jackets are great for cool spring and fall days, but they're also good for winter days that are on the mild side. You can layer jackets over turtlenecks and sweaters for extra warmth. This type of kids' outerwear is casual enough to pair with almost any school or athletic apparel.

One type of jacket for winter to consider is a windproof and waterproof jacket. Some of the winter jackets you'll find protect against temperatures as low as -4 degrees F. A hip-length jacket provides ample coverage and looks good with jeans and slacks. If you want a piece of outerwear that your child won't grow out of quickly, look for a jacket with extendable sleeves.

To add extra warmth to your child's outfit, choose cold-weather accessories like kids' gloves, scarves and hats. These pieces can be worn with winter jackets to provide extra protection against wind and cold.


The parka is another piece of kids' outerwear to consider for winter. This coat is incredibly versatile and stylish, so kids will actually want to wear it. There are down and down-alternative parkas from which to choose. Each has its own advantages and protects against frosty temperatures, so it's simply a matter of preference.

Down parkas are filled with down feathers, which provide a lofty look and feel. Another reason to love a down parka is the warmth—some of these coats can be worn in -18 degree F weather. Look for a down parka with a waterproof shell to keep moisture away. There are boys' and girls' winter parkas with fleece-lined hoods for ample protection against rain and snow.

The down-alternative parka is just as warm as those filled with down feathers. Often, you'll find down-alternative parkas filled with warm, high-quality materials like PrimaLoft® insulation. Another feature to keep an eye out for is SnowGuard™ wrist cuffs, which is a sleeve extension that keeps snow from entering the sleeve hole.


If you want something that provides extreme protection against wintry conditions, opt for a snowsuit. These suits can be worn beneath a winter coat to keep snow and moisture away from your child's clothing. Kids stay warm and dry when they're playing in the snow with one of these suits because they're waterproof and insulated. All you need is a pair of winter snow boots and your child is ready to enjoy the winter weather.

Today's snowsuits aren't just practical, they're also comfortable. Features like an elastic waist and armholes provide ample stretch, so kids don't feel confined. If your child is hard on winter clothes, look for a snowsuit with a reinforced seat and knees. Zippers and snow gaiters at the ankles make it easy to fit the suit over snow boots without worrying about snow getting inside the cuffs.

Your child can wear regular apparel underneath their snowsuit. If you find that jeans and sweaters add too much bulk, go for pieces with a snug fit, such as leggings and knit tops. Some kids may fall between snowsuit sizes; go for the larger size so there's room to grow. It's better to have a snowsuit that's a little too big than one that's too tight.

Kids' Winter Apparel

All the above outerwear can be worn with any clothing. For example, you could dress your child in a pair of classic denim jeans and a boys' or girls' turtleneck, then layer on a down or down-alternative coat. Even dressy apparel can be worn with these winter coats, especially if you choose outerwear in a neutral color like black or navy. To add extra warmth to your child's clothes, you can put thermal tops and bottoms as the first layer. For example, a set of thermals could easily be layered under your child's favorite T-shirt and sweatpants, or jeans and a sweater.

Kids' Winter Accessories

Finish any winter outfit with the right kids' winter accessories. There are ultra-warm socks made just for harsh winter weather that can be worn with snow boots. Kids' gloves are a great way to protect hands from ice and snow, and they come in an array of colors and materials. Coordinate them with a cozy scarf and a warm hat, and your child is ready to make the most of the winter weather.