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Best Mid-Rise Jeans to Wear On the Go

Best Mid-Rise Jeans to Wear On the Go

When it comes to choosing the right fit for women's jeans, there is one style that is universally flattering and suits most body sizes and shapes. Every woman's closet should have at least one pair of mid-rise jeans. The waistband sits comfortably just below the natural waistline and the fit hugs the hips but won't dig into the waist. These jeans are available in a variety of dyes and colors, with different cuts from skinny jeans to boot cut jeans. Better yet, they can easily go from day time casual to nighttime formal with minor outfit changes since they offer sophisticated coverage and don't fall too low on the torso, showing too much skin or appearing too trendy or edgy. Mid-rise jeans are a classic staple item for women and are suitable for all ages and most occasions.

For the active woman who finds herself hopping in and out of cars, running errands and living life fast, mid-rise jeans are the prime solution for everyday attire. However, there are some things to consider when choosing your next pair of mid-rise jeans. Here are our picks for the best mid-rise jeans to wear when you are on the go.

1. Mid-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans

Mid-rise straight-leg jeans are comfortable and fitted without being too tight or restrictive. The higher waistband comfortably hugs the natural waistline, while the tapered straight legs appear sleek and sophisticated. Straight leg jeans are a wonderfully classic look and can easily be transformed from daytime to evening with a simple change of top or addition of accessories. Pair your straight-leg jeans with everything from ballet flats and sneakers to booties, or tuck them inside high boots for extra warmth come wintertime. One of our favorite looks is a dark dyed pair of mid-rise straight-leg jeans paired with a crisp and classic white button-down shirt–classic sophistication with minimal effort.

2. Elastic Waist Mid-Rise Jeans

We all have those days, and when you are looking for something that is less restrictive and uncomfortable, opt for a pair of elastic waist mid-rise jeans. This fit allows you to breathe and move more freely but still has the same denim look that we love. Elastic waist mid-rise jeans come in a variety of colors and styles, including skinny jeans or boot cut jeans, and can be paired with any top. For an ultra breezy and comfortable look, pair your elastic waist mid-rise jeans with a tunic or chunky sweater for a clean and cozy look that is feminine and fun.

3. Women's Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

Women's mid-rise skinny jeans are the perfect mix of trendy style and functional comfort. Skinny jeans have the youthful appearance of fitted denim and provide a tighter silhouette. In darker washes and shades, skinny jeans give the appearance of longer legs. The tailored fit shows off curves and looks nice when paired with ballet flats, heels, or boots–depending on your activity. The mid-rise waistline makes these jeans more sophisticated by not showing off too much and hugging your mid-drift, creating an elegant look and cut. Pair women's mid-rise skinny jeans with a fitted shirt and fleece vest on cold days, or with a lightweight T-shirt for casual errands. The beauty of this cut and style is they can be ultra-casual and still look put together and clean cut.

4. Women's Mid-Rise Boot Cut Jeans

Mid-rise boot cut jeans can be paired with all types of shoes, from ballet flats and sneakers to heeled boots. They are the perfect look when paired with a mid-rise or high-rise cut and give the appearance of longer, more slim legs and a more cinched waist. The higher mid-rise waistband is comfortable and more appropriate when it comes to moving around or bending down, and the best mid rise boot cut jeans can be worn for any type of occasion or outfit.

5. Colorful Mid-Rise Jeans

Colorful mid-rise jeans are a fun way for you to express yourself while still keeping a sophisticated and elegant look. The mid-rise jeans cover your mid-section and have enough flex to avoid showing too much skin when you sit or bend down, but the colorful colors and patterns–everything from light pastel pink to dark emerald green–allow you to play with your style and accessories. Better yet, for busy moms on the go, these mid-rise jeans are mess- and stain-proof. Choose a darker shade and avoid white if you're out and about to prevent any unwanted dirt or marks.

6. Women's 360 Stretch Mid-Rise Jeans

Calling all active women! These 360 stretch mid-rise jeans are the ultimate pants for adventure seekers. A flexible stretch all around makes these mid-rise jeans comfortable, with full coverage that prevents any extra skin from showing all around the midsection, so you know you always look presentable and appropriate no matter what you are doing. When hopping in and out of cars, playing with your kids outside, or out for a brisk walk in the fresh air, these mid-rise jeans are soft to the touch and great for any activity. Better yet, they look great. The stretch fabric hugs your body without being too tight, giving these pants a slim and tailored appearance from your waist to your ankles.