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Unexpected Menswear Trends to Try This Spring

Unexpected Menswear Trends to Try This Spring

After a long, cold winter, spring can’t come soon enough. And when everything starts to thaw, you’ll be able to benefit from wearing fewer layers and lighter clothing options. When you start to search your drawers and closet for those items you tucked away last fall, you might realize that it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. After all, if what the runways are showing is any predictor for what fashion trends are to come, you may find that your current options don’t quite hit the mark. Before you start buying any new items to freshen up your spring wardrobe, keep these unexpected menswear trends in mind so you can be a spring trendsetter instead of a late bloomer.

Pastel Colors

Yes, yes, we know...the combination of pastel colors and springtime isn’t necessarily unexpected. However, what is unexpected is how popular pastel colors are this year in menswear. Normally it’s women who don the light violets and powder blues, but this year, men are hopping on board as well. Color will be big in 2021, as people are interested in something light and less heavy than what 2020 threw at us. So when Easter rolls around, you’ll definitely want to have a pastel men’s dress shirt in your wardrobe if you want to embrace this trend.

Tucked-In Tops

When you’re shopping for a pastel top, you might want to make sure it is one that you can tuck in. That’s because the no-tuck trend is on its way out the door. Men will be back to tucking their tops into their pants and completing the look with a classic belt. After all, it is a more polished look and can make any outfit look much more professional than an untucked T-shirt or big and tall dress shirt would look.

Oversized Pants

The type of pants you tuck your top into will also be changing this year. No longer are pants tight and constrictive. Instead, they’re offering more comfort and freedom in the form of oversized baggy men’s pants. They’ll fit at the waist but look more boxy and loose in the legs. As for color, you’ll see more pastels and beiges than you will dark browns and blacks.

Bermuda Shorts

If pants are going baggy, why wouldn’t shorts? And when thinking of baggy shorts, are there any that fit the bill better than Bermudas? Especially after the tight-fitting shorts from summers past, loose-fitting Bermudas may be a welcome change for spring and summer of 2021, especially for those who wear big and tall shorts. Again, these will be popular in pastel colors, but they’ll also hit the scene in various prints – even florals.

Bomber Jackets

They’re back! The bomber jacket trend seems to come and go, and it's back on the scene for spring of 2021. But unlike a typical leather winter bomber jacket, springtime bombers will be lightweight, and in lighter hues. You may also see them in shiny, sheen fabrics and in patterns like camouflage or other funky prints. As for pockets, some bomber jackets may take on more of a utility appearance than a smooth, polished appearance. It won’t be uncommon to see cargo-style bombers for that reason.

Loungewear Meets Pajamas

Loungewear took an important role in 2020 as many people started working remotely. But there was often a fine line between what was classified as loungewear and what was classified as pajamas. The 2021 men’s fashion scene is blurring that line to avoid the need to distinguish between the two. And the way that’s going to happen is to make bedtime fashion look more appropriate for daytime lounging, but still with that comfort built in.

Nautical Themes

Whether navy blue and white stripes across a boatneck sweater or anchors printed across a polo shirt, the nautical theme is going to be popular in the spring of 2021 and into summer. Expect designers to get creative with it though, mixing it with elements that one wouldn’t expect of a traditional nautical theme. For example, how about mixing some bold gold elements in with it or some neon colors. Anything goes this spring in terms of prints, so don’t be afraid to rock the boat.

Trench Coats

When it comes to men’s jackets for spring of 2021, trench coats will be just as big as the oversized pants you’ll be wearing them with. But they’ll also be worn with shorts and other items that you wouldn’t maybe think of wearing them with, like slides. The “wearing slides over socks” trend is still going to be popular, after all. If that’s not really your style, just know that trench coats are becoming more fun and lively than ever before. Expect them in lighter hues and with a looser fit than you might be accustomed to.

As you can see, some menswear trends for 2021 are more unexpected than others. Nonetheless, the theme is to have fun with it, stay comfortable and enjoy the bright colors.